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Children and teenagers do not do enough sports

Sports for children - These are the most popular sports for children

Experts have now found in a study that more and more children and young people do too little sport. This lack of exercise may well have consequences as far as the students’ health is concerned.

Too little exercise can make you fat

Too little sport and exercise often leads to children and young people getting fat faster. According to the experts, the fact that so little sport is practiced is also due to the all-day schools . Sports clubs have long been drawing attention to the fact that the longer classes mean that children are missing out on free time. Free time that they used to spend much more often in sports clubs. Exercise and sport are so important. It has been proven that children who sit a lot and do little exercise gain weight much faster than other children who get enough exercise.


At least 90 minutes of exercise a day

Health experts recommend that children get at least 90 minutes of physical activity every day. What is needed here is above all better cooperation between schools and sports clubs so that more exercise is ensured. For example, the clubs could ensure that there are more sports activities in schools. Just make sure there is so much choice that there is something fun for everyone. Boys could play soccer or badminton, girls could dance, just to name a few examples. But before that happens, each of you should make sure that you get more exercise. Just give up an hour of computer games and maybe play a bit of soccer with friends on the soccer field instead.

Explanation of the difficult words:

All-day schools aim to accommodate students for a large part of the day. It is an alternative to the after-school care center and is partly operated as a cooperation between the school and the after-school care center.

A soccer field is  usually created by the respective city or municipality, which is available for the common use of children and young people up to a certain age.


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