Recognize the first signs of pregnancy

Women have a feeling for their body and often recognize changes very quickly. Women are very aware of the signs of pregnancy. Even if they can’t place them immediately, their instinct tells them that something has changed. They may react much more emotionally than usual to certain situations, even if it is totally inappropriate. They find it difficult or impossible to control their emotions. Or your body sends signals. Tighten your breasts, they may also get bigger. Suddenly the bra doesn’t fit so well anymore. The jeans may be strangely tight on the stomach because it is uncomfortably bloated.

First symptoms of pregnancy:
Intense hormonal changes occur in the female body, particularly in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Hence the huge mood swings. Some women experience more obvious pregnancy symptoms earlier, while others experience them later. While some enjoy their pregnancy without any complaints, others have to deal with unpleasant side effects that shake the perfect ideal image of a happy and radiant mother-to-be – as the media likes to sell it to us. Every pregnancy is different. And if you look at it closely, no woman will want to tell those around her about a possible diarrhea, constipation or flatulence. Unfortunately, these are often true signs of pregnancy.
A pregnancy test and/or a visit to the gynecologist will provide certainty .

Cliche pregnancy symptoms

On the other hand, general morning sickness is well known and often associated with clichés. Unfortunately, this is not a stomach ache that the expectant mother simply treats with a rusk before getting up. More precisely, this impossible urge to vomit also creeps in during the day and especially at night. So that women also have to cope with lack of sleep or vomit several times. In addition to stomach pressure, pregnant women often feel an unpleasant pulling in the uterus, as if their period would soon start. During the period of nidation of the egg cell in the uterus, this pulling can sometimes turn into pain.
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Oddly enough, pregnant women are hypersensitive to a lot of things. Emotional concerns aside, walking past a bakery stand can induce vomiting. Or the man’s favorite aftershave can degenerate into an unbearable stench, even though it was a gift from the expectant mother to her loved one. Sensitivity to smells, but also a change in taste, are typical side effects of pregnancy and can also be early pregnancy symptoms! All of a sudden, your favorite jam just tastes bland and the cigarette doesn’t taste good anymore either. The appetite varies in the pregnant woman. For no apparent reason, you develop a craving for apples, even though you used to hate them. So the metaphor is food cravings during pregnancy

Health problems or signs of pregnancy?

What women don’t expect at the beginning of their pregnancy is constant tiredness. The feeling of being able to fall asleep standing up – no matter where and how – follows you for the first few weeks. This is often combined with dizziness or problems with blood pressure. ( Hypertension of pregnancy ) In the evening the pregnant women notice that their legs and hands are swollen.

First signs of pregnancy

If there is still no period, as a woman you automatically assume that a child is on the way and you watch out for the first signs of pregnancy. But especially for women who are trying hard to have a baby, the woman’s psyche can play a trick. You feel things you want to feel. Ultimately, only a pregnancy test can provide accurate information. He’s 99% safe. About ten days after fertilization, it provides a relatively clear statement. The blood test at the doctor’s can also provide information about how long the pregnancy has been going on. Even women who continue to have their period, albeit less heavily than usual, but who still have the feeling that something new is happening in their body, can use the test to gain reassurance.

The following pregnancy symptoms / first signs of pregnancy may occur:

  • absence of menstrual bleeding
  • morning sickness
  • Stomach cramps
  • feeling of warmth
  • Drawing in the breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Loss of appetite (unusual cravings for food can also be early signs of pregnancy!)
  • Other first signs of pregnancy can be tiredness and dizziness!

If their feeling is confirmed, they have to process the new situation like all other pregnant women. Life will change fundamentally. The psyche is an elementary part of the signs of pregnancy and should not be underestimated. After all, everyone should take as much time as they need to adjust to the baby and ultimately see pregnancy for what it is, despite all the exhausting and stressful side effects: A wonderful and unique phase in a woman’s life.


[Please note: Our articles cannot replace the advice of a doctor. In the event of health problems or the first signs of pregnancy, please always consult a doctor you trust!]