Family planning – from thought to action

And suddenly it’s there – the desire to have children. Two people, who up until now were enough as a couple, realize that something is still missing to make them happy. Fortunately, even in our complicated times, which are sometimes not particularly child-friendly, couples decide again and again to expand their family.

However, before you start planning your family, you need to thoroughly examine your own decision. Men and women should not decide to have a baby lightly. Raising a child and accompanying them on their way into life is often exhausting, difficult and nerve-wracking. Anyone who only half-convinces the heart’s desire of a partner in order not to disappoint them or even lose them,


Nothing is easier than fathering a child?! We’ll see…. It’s well known that there are certain times in the female cycle that are particularly conducive to conception. Any gynecologist can give comprehensive explanations and help with the calculation. Many couples dream of a child, conceived in love, ideally at a point in time that entails birth in the appropriate zodiac sign.

Nevertheless, pregnancies occur according to their own rules; the situation in which everything works right away and according to plan is the exception. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for the desire to have children and the efforts to actually have a child. You can get to know the first signs of pregnancy easily on our Ohana-Felicity Blog.

Family planning doesn’t work – what now?

Even if the impression appears to be different – every fifth couple has difficulties in becoming pregnant spontaneously. Hardly anyone talks about it, as limited fertility quickly appears as a flaw – often also in one’s own eyes. Our life has changed significantly in its processes and structures over the last decades and often places high demands on our bodies and souls. This can also be a reason for the absence of pregnancy – stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are among the most common triggers.

If there are no obvious health problems, start-up times of up to 12 months are not uncommon. Children often appear unexpectedly when the desire to have children is postponed or canceled due to the supposed lack of prospects of success. After a year of futile “love’s labor” a visit to a specialist can help. The production of cells capable of reproduction is checked and evaluated there by both partners. In almost all cases, therapy is possible, which sooner or later leads to the long-awaited baby.

Alternatives to the natural way

Modern medicine makes many things possible – even pregnancies under less than perfect initial situations. Starting with one-off hormone doses or long-term treatments to artificial insemination – anyone who wants a baby has many opportunities. The basis for success here is above all a good, trusting relationship with the doctor, patience and a good dose of optimism.

Of course setbacks can happen, frustration and despair are part of it. The path to the dream baby sometimes doesn’t just go straight ahead, but takes detours. It is important that you walk it together, don’t let yourself be defeated and don’t lose sight of your goal.

One-sided desire to have children – is that a reason for separation?