Having a baby is a very beautiful thing. In our baby guide we give you tips on what you should buy for the little rascal before the birth, what you can do if the little darling is not doing well and what babies are allowed to eat. Furthermore, we also have some information about baby’s development and many other tips and information for new parents and grandparents from experienced mothers, a lactation consultant, a family consultant as well as from educators and educationalists.

Our baby guide is about the smallest / youngest family members

When a baby is born, many things in life change. Whether it’s the first child or not: the previous family routine is turned upside down. Suddenly there is someone whose needs need to be met, who needs around-the-clock care, and who presents their parents with completely new questions and sometimes worries. In the baby guide, mothers and fathers receive valuable tips on the most important topics.

Healthy toddler, happy family

Caring for an infant is an important task. Parents are concerned not only with breastfeeding in the first months of life, but perhaps also with switching to bottle feeding. And as the child gets older, complementary foods will soon be introduced. Good nutrition and care pave the way to a happy life. Parents should therefore also be well informed about diseases that a small child can suffer from in the early part of his life. So they quickly find out how they can help their sweetheart. Valuable knowledge about the development of infants and toddlers also helps to track rapid growth and learning. Especially now in the Corona Pandemic, young parents are very worried about the health of their families. The pediatrician and family doctor should always be the first point of contact.

In the fall you should dress your baby in several layers of clothing. In the morning it is often still quite fresh, while it can get really warm again during the day. So you only have to take off one layer and the baby doesn’t have to sweat.

Other baby-related topics for parents and grandparents:

Keeping track of a baby’s mental and physical development is only right and important. But there are many more questions about babies that parents and grandparents are concerned with. Questions about the things that should not be missing from the initial equipment and about the most important features of good prams, for example. It is also important that the child wear clothing that is the right size and offers good protection in changing weather conditions. When does the child need the first walking shoes ?

In our baby guide you will also find out what infants and toddlers need!
In addition, when a baby moves in, a lot changes in the living environment. The baby’s room has to be furnished, it needs age-appropriate toys and the bathroom should also have everything that is necessary for baby’s personal hygiene. Being able to answer all these questions with the help of comprehensive guides relieves parents and supports them in preparing their baby a safe and beautiful path in life.
With the water break of membranes and the birth , an exhausting but also very nice time begins for the parents. We will also tell you what happens after birth in the delivery room. Nevertheless, always take time for yourself and enjoy the time with your baby. You will notice how quickly a baby becomes a toddler.