Having a loving partner is something beautiful. But even if you get along great for years, there can be problems in the relationship. From tips for the wedding to tips on how to end a relationship, you will find a lot of good advice for singles and couples.

Relationship guide: tips for couples

Going through life together with a partner feels good. After all, there’s someone who acts as a listener and supporter, providing security and love. But relationship life also involves risks and dangers. It is not always easy to stay happy together. The relationship guidebook accompanies couples through many situations and also helps with questions at the end of love.

Special features of relationship life

Relationships are as diverse as love itself. Not only heterosexuality and homosexuality provide differences, because in terms of relationship forms today there is more than one viable way. Couples who decide to live together should therefore find their own personal variant in order to be as happy as possible. This also includes the question of whether marriage should be on the agenda sooner or later. The guidebook shows what is important then and how the marriage can remain happy.

Solving relationship problems and nurturing the relationship

Living in a relationship means work. Many couples usually only become aware of this in the event of a conflict or even a crisis. How couples can argue better and where respect and appreciation should not be missing are important questions.


Free space within the relationship also plays a role when it comes to happiness. Couples should always keep in mind that they do not become “one” in a relationship, but make a conscious decision for each other. This also includes making compromises and planning for the future together. After all, many couples want to have children sooner or later. For them, in turn, the stable relationship of their parents is tremendously important.
Not all relationship problems can always be solved.

However, some conflicts and problems may require an end to the relationship. Those affected should know how this end can take place as harmoniously as possible. Especially when a marriage is coming to an end, those affected need to know a lot in order not to disadvantage themselves or the other person.

Physical love as a valuable aspect

Sex life is also inextricably linked to a happy relationship. This is where it becomes clear how well partners can relate to each other and where the boundaries of the partnership lie. Important aspects such as contraception, family planning and also the effects of physical affection are also part of the guide and help couples to be close to each other in a fulfilling way.

A good relationship is a constant give and take. It is important to take the other person seriously and feel comfortable with them.