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When should girls be allowed to wear makeup?

When should girls be allowed to wear makeup?

Makeup for teenagers?

Older women like to try to look younger. Nobody really cares. And funnily enough, young girls try to look a lot older than they actually are. How do you want to do it? With lots of makeup, of course. But when should a girl be allowed to wear make-up? Do parents have a say in this?

Can my daughter wear make-up at the age of 12?

Educators and experienced parents think it’s a no-brainer to teach their daughter how to use makeup responsibly. Again and again you see very young girls who go to school with excessive make-up and only look completely unnatural. Parents especially love this original naturalness in their children. Make-up for the daughter means letting go again. This is difficult for many parents. But the more they ban it, the more interesting it becomes for the kids .

You can’t blame young girls for wanting to put on make-up. Many of their classmates of the same age are probably already wearing make-up. Girls are shown how to do it in magazines, on television and on the internet. Our society educates expectant women to the point of vanity.

Despite all this, daughters naturally want to distance themselves from their mothers. As they grow up, they feel the urge for femininity, the childlike is more and more discarded.

Many parents have had very good experiences in allowing their daughter to wear subtle make-up at the age of 12 at the earliest. The later you start, the better. Most girls start wearing makeup around the age of 14-15. If it is forbidden by the parents anyway, teenagers are very imaginative and find ways and means to wear make-up behind their parents’ backs. At the latest when the first skin problems set in with the onset of puberty, young people long for a good concealer, powder or day cream. They even promote acne.


Make-up class with mom – an important mother – daughter – moment

First, allow your daughter to only wear makeup outside of school, such as to a movie or a party at friends’ house. It is important to you that your daughter only uses a little lip gloss or mascara to make up. The first own make-up attempts often look like an attempt. It doesn’t hurt if the mother passes on helpful tips and experiences to her daughter and holds a small make-up course. These are very special mother-daughter moments that everyone will fondly remember later. You also give the young girls a bit of acceptance of their femininity, which they usually appreciate. At the age of 15 to 16, daughters are often far ahead of their mothers when it comes to make-up.

Just as you pay attention to a healthy diet with your children, carefully select new shoes according to their fit or buy paraffin-free shower gel, it also makes sense to keep an eye on the quality of the make-up products. Young children’s skin is particularly sensitive and the risk of allergies from make-up is increasing. If you put on make-up, you also have to take make-up off. Be sure to explain to your daughter how to carefully remove make-up and take care of her skin.

Popular makeup for teenagers:

  • eyeshadow
  • eyeliner
  • lip gloss
  • mascara
  • Foundation
  • powder
  • rouge
  • nail polish
  • concealer

Incidentally, nail polish should be used carefully and should never be used on nail fungus .

Sooner or later your daughter will probably start wearing makeup. As far as possible, try to postpone the introduction of make-up as far back as possible. Perhaps you keep in mind that it would be worse if your child smoked and prefer to think back to the moments when your daughter held a lipstick from her mother for the first time at the age of five and stood in front of the mirror painted like a little clown .


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