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Teens and piercings

Teens and piercings

Piercings for teenagers?

It is well known that teenagers do not always make decisions in the interests of their parents. However, when the topic of piercing comes up, it is about more than a shirt that is too short or the times when the teenager should appear at home again in the evening. Piercings are a difficult and serious subject for parents to deal with, even if they don’t like it. What should parents know about piercing and how can they deal with it?


If you go for a walk through the city today and take a good look around, you will notice: piercings are currently part of normal body jewelry, as are chains and rings. Of course, you don’t have to follow every trend. But people have always attached jewelry to their bodies with piercings, and it was already there in ancient Egypt. And yet parents are reluctant to see their children follow this trend. However, piercing jewelery is currently experiencing an absolute hype.

Piercing only with parental consent?

If parents answer their teenage children with a categorical “No” and are not willing to have a sensible conversation, this could have unforeseen consequences for their child. Because out of defiance, teenagers have done a lot of nonsense and, against the will of their parents, have turned up at home with a piercing. However, the piercing may have been done by a dubious piercer who carried an incalculable risk. So parents only have an open conversation with their children. Discuss the pros and cons. Find a solution together.

At what age can teenagers get pierced?

According to the law, teenagers can be pierced from the age of 14, but then only in the presence of their parents. If the teenagers have turned 16, a written declaration of consent from their parents and their ID as proof is sufficient. At the latest when your child is 18 years old, they can do whatever they want. Serious piercing studios adhere to these rules, there will always be black sheep. The cost of a piercing varies depending on where you pierce your body. Nose and ear piercings are available from around $20, while eyebrow or navel piercing is available from around $60.

Piercing types – Where are piercings possible?
Not all piercing areas are suitable for teenagers. If necessary, seek advice from a doctor!

  • ear piercings
  • nose piercing
  • lip piercing
  • eyebrow piercing
  • belly button piercing
  • cheek piercing
  • tongue piercings
  • nipple piercing
  • genital piercing
  • There are more piercing places!


Where should the piercing be?

Nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, navel piercing for children and teenagers?
If parents take the step and allow their child a piercing, they usually limit it to the wall of the nose or the ears. Another step would be the eyebrows and belly button. Very few parents allow their children to have tongue, lip or genital piercings. Once the decision to have a piercing has been made, there are many other important decisions that need to be made. One of them: in which studio should my son or daughter get a piercing?

Types of piercing jewelry

  • labret
  • Microdermal
  • Nostril Stud
  • rings
  • rods

Suitable materials for piercings

  • stole
  • titanium
  • Nickel free white gold
  • Nickel free platinum
  • gold

Find a reputable piercing studio

Help your child find a reputable studio. Ask around carefully, visit a piercing fair or ask others about their experiences. Absolute hygiene prevails in a good piercing studio. In addition, detailed consultations are given there, in which the risks and the after-treatment are also discussed in detail. No piercing without a signature! Let us advise you in different studios. Piercings at events or parties are an absolute taboo. A good piercing studio is usually a bit more expensive, but also safer, because professionals with the appropriate training who also have an idea of ​​anatomy and the necessary hygiene work there. They only use special piercing jewelry made of surgical steel, platinum or gold that does not cause allergies.

What are the risks of piercing jewelry?

The fact that parents fear for their children’s health with a piercing is not unfounded and quite justified. Not only can the healing process with a piercing be lengthy and painful in the case of inflammation, diseases such as hepatitis B and C that can be transmitted through unsterile instruments are also serious. The consequential damage caused by injuries to the nerve tracts can also be extremely serious. The following are tricky, for example: chewing and speech disorders with tongue piercings, eyelid disorders with piercings on the eye, nerve disorders on the genitals or the closure of the milk ducts by scars in the case of nipple piercings. It is therefore worth thinking very carefully about where the piercing should be placed. If in doubt, ask a doctor!

Make sure that only high quality piercing jewelry is used and that your child keeps the piercing site clean!


If you give your consent to a piercing, give your child a period of one week in which to sleep through the decision again. If parents and teenagers are still absolutely sure, the piercing studio you trust will still be happy to welcome you and your child. It’s not worth regretting after the fact, because the scars remain forever.


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