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Sexual Education for children – how do I tell my child?

Sexual Education for children - how do I tell my child?

Education is important

In the past, 13-year-old children used to play with their cars or dolls. Today, at this age, they are already quite intensely interested in the opposite sex. Children are maturing at an earlier age and it is up to us as parents to educate them about sexuality and contraception. Not an easy task – many will think and that is understandable. Nowadays, the topic of sexuality is dealt with much more openly than was the case 20 or 30 years ago. And that’s why many of us find it difficult to talk about these things. Our children are also enlightened at school and they learn a lot from the various media – but it is best for us to discuss the correct way of dealing with sexuality and all the feelings associated with it with them ourselves.

Enlightenment – it doesn’t just begin when we try to explain sexual intercourse and a possible pregnancy in a conversation with our children.Education for children begins much earlier, namely with an open approach to our nudity. Even small children experience that women look different than men. At some point they start to be interested in the differences and ask us. And it’s best to be honest with those first questions. If you are the mother of a daughter, prepare your child for the menstrual period so that it does not get alarmed if one day there is blood in its panties. And if you’re having a boy, explain to him that ejaculation is perfectly normal and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
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What is the best way to educate children?

Maybe in our circle of friends we have a family who is expecting a baby. Or we are pregnant again ourselves. Pregnancy is a very good starting point for talking to our children about love, sex, pregnancy and childbirth. Why is the belly growing? How did the baby get in there? And how does it come out? ( A sibling is coming ) Please refrain from any old wives’ tales – like: The baby is brought by the stork. It just confuses the kids and frankly, most won’t believe that excuse anymore anyway.
The book trade now offers a large selection of good sex education books. If you are unsure which book is suitable for your child, don’t be shy and ask the bookseller for advice. At first glance, some books appear very compact and full of knowledge. Experience has shown that a detailed guide has proven useful. It is best if you only ever go through the pages with your child that are “up-to-date”. Specific details, such as the fertilization of the egg cell by the sperm cell, can then be processed if your child shows interest.

Do not just concentrate on the factual things in your educational talks. Also, talk to your child about the feelings associated with sex. Emphasize the importance of only doing “it” when you really love each other. That it’s a wonderful feeling when you’re so familiar with each other and want to share everything.

Of course, an essential point in terms of education is the prevention of pregnancy and protection against possible sexually transmitted diseases. Emphasize the importance of this and talk about the different types of birth control. Mothers of girls can do this very gently on the first visit to the gynecologist prepare. Most gynecologists have now set up so-called “girls’ consultation hours” and if your daughter wishes, you are welcome to accompany her there.

After you have read our tips, please do not go to the educational work with zeal. Children don’t like it when they are put under pressure or even pinned down – along the lines of: “Sit down and listen, I want to enlighten you now”. Just be there for your child, react sensitively to their condition and always have an open ear for questions or problems. Because only in a trusting atmosphere will your children open up and only then can good conversations develop.


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