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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

More endurance in bed

Nothing loves a true man more than a sporting challenge. Defeat the other and always be the first. Stupid only if it behaves the same way during sex. Premature ejaculation is a problem that about 20% of men experience regularly or at least have experienced before. The reasons why men come early are very different. On the one hand, age plays an important role, on the other hand, the initial psychological situation before sexual intercourse.

Reasons for premature ejaculation

The reasons for “Ejaculatio praecox”, the clinical term for premature ejaculation, can be varied. The possible explanations range from psychological tension and the ability to control the timing of ejaculation, which has not yet been learned, to an overproduction of seminal fluid, which causes a kind of overpressure. However, the exact background should be clarified by a doctor or psychologist. Regardless of this, one can learn to suppress one’s ejaculation reflex, as long as medical reasons can be ruled out.
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More endurance in bed for a fulfilling sex life

For most couples, there is nothing better than experiencing sexual climax together. Unfortunately, in some relationships, women are left behind. Since women reach their sexual climax after around twenty minutes on average and men after around fifteen minutes, more stamina is required from the male side. Certain tricks and techniques can be used to shift the time of the sexual climax in order to help your partner achieve a pleasurable orgasm as well.


Tips and Tricks – Premature Ejaculation

Delay ejaculation through breathing techniques:
Since an increased heart rate is necessary for orgasm, ejaculation can be delayed by breathing calmly before orgasm. Just take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few moments until the urge to ejaculate subsides. With a little practice, you can achieve good results with this technique.

More stamina during sex through distraction
A popular trick is the distraction technique. When you realize you’re nearing your climax, try to think of something mundane. This can be a TV show, an everyday situation or a specific object. It is not advisable to jump into things that absolutely turn you off, because your erection will probably suffer as a result. Since pain is also a distraction, biting your lip or pinching a particularly sensitive area can help. However, this technique should be used with moderation and not result in serious injury.

Delaying men’s orgasm by changing positions:
Because some positions are more stimulating than others, moving to a less arousing position can actually prolong the intercourse. A temporary switch to cunnilingus (stimulation with the tongue) provides relaxation without letting the partner’s level of arousal drop.

Delay the orgasm with the pressure technique:
With a little practice, you can stop the ejaculation with a targeted grip. Grasp the top of the glans with your middle and index fingers and apply pressure to the foreskin frenulum with your thumb. The timing and intensity of the pressure are purely a matter of experience and it takes some practice to achieve the desired result.

Emergency brake: stop ejaculation
Pulling the scrotum away at the time of ejaculation can also suppress the ejaculation reflex. The partner grasps the man’s scrotum with her thumb and forefinger and pulls the testicles down for a few seconds until the ejaculation reflex has disappeared. The sensitivity of the partner is required here, because you don’t want to carry your testicles by your knees.

Success through experience – Never come too soon again

These are just a few ways to add fun and endurance to sex. You have to try out which technique works best for yourself. If you have learned the right tricks, nothing stands in the way of a joint orgasm.


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