Puberty, Relation and Sexuality

homosexuality among young people

homosexuality among young people

Homosexual children: parents and their responsibilities

One of the biggest problems between parents and children is probably talking about sex, it gets even more difficult when it comes to homosexuality. Probably also because it is not normal as parents often tacitly assume that their daughter will come home with a friend at some point during puberty or that their son will bring a girlfriend with them. And of course grandchildren also belong in this grid. This is called traditional knowledge – something that has become established as a tradition in people’s minds for centuries and is therefore considered normal. But in this case it is a question of false knowledge: homosexuality has always existed, it was simply hushed up or branded as a disease. The reasons for this vary and, fortunately, these days they are easy to research and disprove.
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Very good educational and social basic requirements of today

An important basis for good cooperation between all people is acceptance. This poses a particular problem for parents who have a relationship of trust with their child, because they feel responsible for their children’s actual or perceived misconduct. For this very reason, mother and father, on the other hand, have the unique opportunity to be the ones to whom their child comes out as the first persons. Boys can play with dolls, girls with cars – all this is no longer a question these days. It is important that parents accept both boyfriends and girlfriends of their children and do not judge them on the basis of gender or gender-specific hobbies. Criticism of handling is best limited to situations in which it becomes really dangerous (drug use).

Basic trust, first tests and their influence

It is a happy coincidence for parents when the child tells a friend from school or a sports club at home that he is gay. Whether that story is true or a first test of one’s coming out , this is when parents either throw the door wide open to their child or slam it shut for a long time. Even if the story is indeed true, it’s important not to show relief that the child is not homosexual.

Dealing with your own homophobia

It’s not at all reprehensible to admit that you can’t do anything with homosexuality. After all, you don’t find everyone in your environment equally pleasant. Fortunately, today believers who find themselves in the situation between love of children versus love of God because of their religion have the chance to get in touch with openly gay Christians in order to deal with this topic on a whole new level deal with Because homosexuality is now very slowly becoming the norm in all areas, but with an increasing tendency to become the norm, there are people who are happy to answer any questions and can enlighten you without raising your index finger. As always in the field of raising children, it is also clear here: Children broaden our horizons and enrich our lives – and that’s a good thing. more on the subject puberty