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First time sex

First time sex

When teenagers sleep together

At some point it will come, the day when a young couple will experience their first time sex. Even if one of the two has had previous experiences with physical love, it is an exciting time for everyone. Because this new stage in the maturation process of young people is associated with many questions, fears and confusion but also with overwhelming feelings for themselves, their families and their friends.

How a boy or girl experiences the first sexual intercourse depends very much on how the parents dealt with the subject of sexuality. Basically, you have to state that the first time is not easy for both of them, that the girl clearly has the more difficult part. The girl has something to lose the first time. Boys, on the other hand, feel more on the winning side afterwards, even if they were afraid of failure beforehand. In addition, the subliminal risk of becoming pregnant always plays a major role for girls. But one thing at a time.

educate children

Before the first time, you should enlighten your child . We have put together some tips and information for this purpose:


dealing with sexuality

With puberty, parents and children move away from each other temporarily. Since the much-discussed first time often falls in the final phase of puberty, educators advise laying the foundation for an uncomplicated, positive approach to sexuality beforehand. The role model of the parents cannot be valued highly enough – even if the children don’t like to hear that when they first learn it. It is not only important that the young people are given a credible message that their parents are also available as contact persons for sexual problems.

“Silent” aids can also prove to be extremely effective. For example, it is recommended to keep a freely accessible supply of condoms in the bathroom. But please fill it up enough so that you don’t immediately notice if a package is missing. Parents can use it to kill two birds with one stone. First of all, the children are familiar with the “contraceptives” from an early age, which not only protect against pregnancy but also against diseases. On the other hand, such a supply ensures that scarce pocket money is not the reason why young people do without a condom. What to do when the child discovers the parents’ sex toys

Some tips for the first time

But the first time, the focus is not on the parents, but on the young people. In order for the “first time” to have any chance of being a positive experience, both of you must really want to have sex. Any involuntary behavior, no matter how vague, has no place in this situation. It would also be desirable if both could experience their first time with a clear head, which means that alcohol and drugs should definitely stay outside. Then there are actually only a few requirements that need to be met. It is important to find a relaxed and undisturbed place where both feel comfortable and safe. Hurry is poison for the first time. Instead, the couple should have enough time to tenderly explore each other’s bodies before “it” finally happens. By the way, not only before but also afterwards you can take a lot of time for each other. Oh yes, the “first time” premature ejaculation is not uncommon!


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