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Recipes for toddlers

Recipes for toddlers

The eye eats with you – small children can be very picky. Simple and creative recipes for toddlers are sometimes helpful, especially if they are rather fussy eaters anyway.

Recipes for toddlers ” Healthy and creative recipe ideas.

Ideally, the recipes are suitable for the whole family, which saves time and the meal can become a shared pleasure.

Healthy recipes for toddlers

At the age of one, many children already know exactly what they want to eat and what they don’t want to eat. The child’s preferences do not always coincide with the parents’ ideas. Also, small children are not very interested in whether the food is healthy. Maybe they want it to be colorful, others prefer it to be particularly sweet.

What is important, however, is a balanced supply of nutrients for the growing body. Young children need vitamins and minerals, and the protein supply must also be ensured.

The growing body needs unsaturated fats for hormone production and to supply the nerves.

Sugar provides quick energy, but high-quality carbohydrates make more sense. Children need, among other things, dairy products, meat and fish with easily digestible fats, vegetables and cereal products for a balanced diet.

What do you do if the little ones don’t like all the healthy things? That’s where ingenuity is called for. With the right recipes for toddlers, even bad eaters can get a taste for it.

Serve child friendly

No matter what’s on the table, some kids want to be wowed. For example, present a dish in the shape of a face: the sausage becomes the mouth, tomato slices become eyes, grated carrots form the hair.

Unpopular carrots can be served raw or cooked cut to shape as French fries, instead of mayonnaise, add yogurt sauce, or a fish can swim among colorful islands of vegetables, for example.

Recipe idea: Fish between islands of vegetables.

Fry pollock fillet tenderly and place it in the middle of the plate. Serve with vegetables such as carrots, peppers or kohlrabi, spinach can also be served. The vegetables are grated or boiled and then chopped. With a little yogurt and lightly seasoned, it becomes tastier.

Around the fish now place small islands of vegetables in different colors. It will be funny if even plants grow on it, for this you can garnish the islands with cress or parsley.

Now the whole family will have fun eating: which island will the fish visit first? With particularly small children, you can chop the pollock in advance bite-size, then many fish swim on the plate and want to bring very quickly the colorful islands in the children’s mouth.


Potato pancakes or rice pudding?

Tastes vary, both are quick to prepare and can be served in a child-friendly way.

Grate raw, waxy potatoes and squeeze the rasps in a kitchen towel. Season with a little salt and mix in an egg, and a little flour if necessary. Then fry the grated potatoes in a pan until they are golden brown. On the plate, arrange the potato pancakes together with some applesauce to make a funny face.

A three-year-old child can help you “paint” the faces, and the meal is sure to be twice as fun.

Another quick variation is rice pudding. You need round grain rice, milk and a pinch of salt. You can refine the whole thing with vanilla. The rice pudding is boiled briefly, then it should swell for a few minutes over low heat. If necessary, add a little sugar to sweeten the meal.

Serve each portion in a small bowl. Again, a funny face can be conjured on it, sugar and cinnamon or compote are suitable.

Delicious: ham carrots

You need carrots and potatoes, plus thin slices of low-fat bacon, milk, a little butter and Parmesan cheese to taste. Salt and nutmeg are suitable for seasoning.

Carrots and potatoes are peeled, the potatoes are also quartered, and boiled in salted water. The potatoes are then mashed to a pulp together with milk, butter and a little nutmeg. The cooked carrots are each wrapped with a slice of thin bacon and put in the oven at about 180 °C for 10 to 15 minutes.

All the ingredients are now arranged on the plate again like a face: A carrot is the nose, mouth and eyes are each formed from mashed potatoes. With grated parmesan, the nose gets a few freckles. Additional hair can be added from raw grated carrots. What do you think your child would like to eat first?

This dish is also quick to prepare and tastes good for the whole family.

As you can see, with a little creativity, you can quickly whip up a delicious and nutritious hot dish for young children. Come up with ideas on how to make unloved things tasty. For example, a piece of fish can become a UFO or the fish visits colorful islands of vegetables.

Many things can be served in the form of a laughing face. During the meal, you can make up stories related to food that will encourage your child to eat along.


  • Children need a balanced diet
  • bad eaters can be outwitted by a little creativity
  • serve meals in a child-friendly way
  • make faces or figures with any food you like
  • think up stories that will encourage your child to eat with you


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