fetal movements in the womb

fetal movements in the womb

When the baby moves for the first time

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and beautiful events in a woman’s life. Knowing that a little creature is growing inside of you makes many expectant mothers become very still in awe of nature. It is amazing and always seems like a miracle when a little baby sees the light of day from two tiny cells after 9 months. In addition to the ultrasound images, which show in black and white that a small person is growing in the uterus, the movements of the baby in the pregnant woman’s stomach are another clear sign of its existence.

When do you feel the first baby movements?

Most mothers eagerly await the moment when they feel their baby for the first time. Usually around the 20th week of pregnancy, this moment has finally arrived. Some expectant mothers, especially if they are not expecting their first child, feel the little nudges and kicks a little earlier. And other women have to be patient: if the placenta is close to the mother’s abdominal wall, the unborn baby’s movements are dampened. When the baby grows bigger and stronger, its kicks will also be more noticeable for the affected women.


How does it feel when an unborn baby moves in the womb?

Well, the first tentative movements remind you of digestive problems. Even if this sounds completely unromantic – many expectant mothers describe this feeling in this way. Others speak more of a butterfly or a little fish that is making room for itself there inside the uterus. Whatever the case, the first perceptible movements are more likely to be guessed at than the woman knows exactly that she is feeling her baby. Only when this feeling is repeated does the expectant mother realize that these are fetal movements.

Most women enjoy feeling their baby in their belly. However, there are also a few who cannot do anything with this feeling. They may feel insecure because such a small being is taking possession of their body, or they may be afraid of having to give up their unborn child again after traumatic experiences such as a miscarriage or stillbirth. If you are one of these women, do not feel guilty: it does not say anything about whether you will be a good mother. Some women can only enjoy their baby when they hold it in their arms.

Men are usually left out in the first period when their partner is pregnant. They don’t see anything of their child yet and only notice various changes in the expectant mother. When the woman feels her baby, it won’t be long before the father-to-be can also notice the unborn child through the abdominal wall. A wonderful moment for both partners! And the bigger the baby gets, the more clearly this experience is felt by the future parents.

Soon it will become tight in the uterus and small bumps on the mother’s abdomen will indicate that the baby is changing position. Some women in the late stages of pregnancy can even clearly identify the little feet pressing against the abdominal wall. As beautiful as the baby’s movements are – sometimes they are also disturbing. Because a purposeful kick of the unborn against the bladder of its mother is not exactly what you call pleasant…