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Expectant father – information and tips

Expectant father - information and tips

fears of fathers-to-be

The change that the birth of a child – especially the first – brings with it is difficult to estimate in advance. Pregnancy itself brings with it some deviations from everyday life. Basically everything revolves around the woman, the mother-to-be. After all, she often struggles with nausea, heavy legs, tiredness, dizziness or mood swings. But the father-to-be also goes through a crucial phase. Suddenly he is pushed into the background, often left alone with his worries about whether he will be a good father and whether it is financially affordable at all.

Fears in the first months of pregnancy

In the case of the woman, there are hardly any external signs that would indicate a child growing in the womb. Apart from the expectant mother’s morning sickness, which is not difficult to hide, and the constant search for approval and attention, it is usually not yet entirely understandable for the future dad what is going on in his partner’s body and why she is in one minute and the next just sitting quietly in the corner and thinking or suddenly crying. Fathers-to-be can find more information about early pregnancy here


Fears about financial security

As much as a man wants a baby and is looking forward to the child , the more he is plagued by the thought of whether he can raise enough financial means to support a family. Suddenly he becomes the sole breadwinner. Child benefit and parental benefit are usually only a small financial injection.

Joy of expectant fathers – first kicks of the unborn baby

For the first time, the father-to-be also feels the kicks of the unborn child very clearly when he puts his hand on his partner’s stomach. Suddenly he realizes that it is not just a dream, but a child that he will father, growing in his wife’s womb. Feelings arise that he didn’t know before. Also ultrasound scans bring the pregnancy and changes in the baby closer to the man. He sees very clear movements on the screen, the heartbeat can be heard loudly. Joy shines from his eyes. For the first time he really understood that it wasn’t just imagination, not just a whim of the woman. He begins to empathize with his partner and understand the pregnancy. The pregnancy belly is already showing and therefore it can no longer be a mistake.

Fears in the last months of pregnancy

The baby will come soon! The anticipation is great, but there are still a few errands to be done: Baby clothes have to be bought, the children’s room has to be furnished and a suitable name for the child has to be found. It’s a strange feeling to give another person a name that they will carry their whole life. What does the couple like? Will the child also get along well with this name?
Will it be a boy or a girl? Towards the end of the pregnancy, the future dad also constantly sinks into dreams and fantasies about the future, how he will play and occupy himself with the child. Questions arise as to whether he will be loved as a father. Many men also wonder if they can get the baby care under control.

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But these fears are usually unfounded, because who gives love to his child will also reap love. A quote from India says so beautifully “The adult pays attention to deeds, the child to love.” Also read: Should the father be present at the birth?