Tips for the vacation with the family

The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner. Finally get out of the daily routine and enjoy the vacations with the whole family. But before it starts, many things have to be considered and organized. Mostly, the vacation preparations are left to the mother – and already in this point a rethinking would be advantageous. If the vacation season is approaching, the “batteries” are almost empty and everyone is just longing to finally enjoy the vacations. So it’s only fair to spread the preparations across all shoulders – after all, everyone wants to have fun and relax together on vacation, too. But first, the decision should be made for a common destination.

Family vacation by the sea or in the mountains? Destinations for family travel

Everyone looks forward to a vacation, but where should it go? To the mountains or rather to the sea? When planning your vacation, pay attention to your own state of health. For example, people with low blood pressure often feel more comfortable in the mountains than by the sea. If the rest of the family is up for a seaside vacation, take circulation drops with you just to be on the safe side. A cold foot bath now and then helps to control low blood pressure. Under no circumstances should one overcome differences in altitude too quickly, e.g. by cable car.

Family travel by plane or car?

With flying can arise some problems: Because of the not-so-good air, the not-very-healthy food, and because sitting motionless in the plane constricts the intestines. The lower air pressure in the cabin can cause flatulence. Because of the air conditioning and the dry air, the body needs three times as much fluid as normal. On top of that, there is the time difference.

If the vacation destination is further away, it takes one day to change over for every hour of time change (incidentally, also for every 50°F  difference in temperature). During this time, sleep and digestive disturbances and reduced performance can occur.

As nice as the family vacation can be – the trip there often ends in stress and arguments. If you start right after work, your nerves are on edge and it usually doesn’t take long before the infamous explosion occurs. Better: take a day off before the start of the trip and then start in peace.

If you are traveling by car and have small children, you might consider a night trip. Ideally, the kids will be asleep and you will arrive at your destination relatively relaxed.

If longer car journeys cannot be avoided, regular breaks must be planned. In addition to healthy snacks and sufficient drinks, small travel games should also be included in the hand luggage. Because nothing is worse than children who are bored…

Traveling with children

People who go on vacation are looking for recreation. For many people the terms “vacation” and “real rest” mean the return to a carefree childhood. On vacation, however, you also really have time for your own children. Nevertheless, one should be prepared for one thing: The smaller the children, the less fond they are of change.

With babies, however, this mainly refers to their eating and sleeping habits. So unless you feed the baby totally unfamiliar, exotic delicacies and expect him to take his afternoon nap on a hammock in the middle of a beach swirl, he’ll probably be pretty happy anywhere in the world. How do you keep the kids happy and still relax? You should act after the third “I’m so bored” at the latest. Otherwise the mood tips and there are arguments and noise, whether in the car, on the plane, on the beach. By the way, children’s friendships often develop on vacation!

The following games for kids ages six and up will keep youngsters entertained:


Paper Tear-Out Guessing:

You need a few pages of newsprint. One player at a time selects an object in his or her mind and tries to tear out its outline from the newsprint. The winner is the first to recognize what the paper tear-out is supposed to represent.

Word Snake:

A teammate begins by saying a word. You can also agree that the word snake may only contain animals, clothes or similar. For example, “badger.” The next person has to find a word with the last letter of the previous word, for example “snake”, the next person says “donkey” and so on.

More travel games

Prepare your vacation with the family well!

In time before the trip, each family member should think about what they want to take with them on vacation. In addition to sufficient clothing, the kids certainly do not want to do without their favorite cuddly toy, their comic book or a good game. Schoolchildren can write a list on their own in advance and pack their own bags shortly before the vacation.

With younger kids, of course, the parents take over. Writing down all the things that need to go in the suitcase in good time helps to avoid stress and to avoid forgetting important things. You can also use a To Do list.

Very important: The first-aid kit

Speaking of important things: a first-aid kit is a must for your luggage. In addition to headache tablets, fever suppositories and tablets against travel sickness, it must also contain all the medications that you take regularly. Some medicines are difficult to obtain abroad and who wants to spend hours in a doctor’s office while on vacation just because they need a prescription for their medicine?

Also very important: the health insurance cards. You wouldn’t want to hope for it, of course – but even on vacation, medical assistance may be necessary at some point. It is best to put these cards directly with your travel documents so that you don’t forget them at home. If someone in the family wears glasses, it is advisable to pack a replacement for them in any case. Contact lens wearers must also remember the necessary care utensils.

What is the best way to pack a travel bag?

Depending on whether you have the possibility to do laundry at the vacation destination, you have to pack more or less clothes.

Underwear, socks, T-shirts, jeans, shorts or skirts, two or three long-sleeved shirts or sweaters and a light transitional jacket – the clothing should correspond to the weather, but also be selected so that you do not freeze on cooler days.

In practice, the so-called onion look has proven itself: if it is cold, simply pull several layers of clothing on top of each other. A rain jacket protects against the shower from above; for the children, rain pants or mud pants and rubber boots should ideally also be included in the luggage.

Not to forget: Headgear against too much sunlight and a suitable sunscreen with sufficient sun protection factor. Swimwear and towels should not be missing, of course!

Organize family vacation – You should also think about this

If you go on vacation with the whole family, someone at home has to take care of the green plants and empty the mailbox during this time. Often nice neighbors can be found for these small tasks, and of course you can help them in return in the same way.

In any case, you should leave your vacation address or your own cell phone number with your neighbors, just in case. If pets live in the family, you have to take care of them in time. If friends or acquaintances are unable to care for or take care of your pet during your vacation, there are special pet boarding facilities. For a certain fee, your pet will be provided with everything it needs here.

Especially for a vacation abroad, you should inform yourself in advance about customs and traditions. For example, in some countries it is not welcome to breastfeed your baby in public.

If you have packed your bags in peace and organized everything for the trip, you can go on a well-deserved vacation quite relaxed. Goodbye home – hello vacation!
However, you should keep in mind that planning your vacation becomes a bit more difficult when your children start school. Now one is dependent on certain times. Which often makes the vacation a little more expensive.