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recognize child abuse

recognize child abuse

What can be done against abuse?

Sexual abuse is a taboo subject. Even if some cases become public knowledge and are at times intensively discussed, those affected often feel left alone. There is no clear definition of abuse. The forms are too different, ranging from child abuse to ritual abuse cases.

perpetrators and victims

The victims are mostly children and women, but there are also cases where men become victims. Victims of abuse are often defenseless or at the mercy of the abuser in some way. The perpetrators exploit their position of power and force the victim to remain silent or keep the crime secret. The perpetrators are usually male. Official statistics state that nearly 90% of perpetrators are male. However, it can be assumed that the proportion of female perpetrators is higher than 10%, but abuse committed by women is noticed and reported less frequently.


How can parents tell if their child has been abused?

For outsiders, cases of abuse are often difficult to recognize. The signs are often difficult to ignore. Parents, doctors, teachers and educators are particularly encouraged to pay attention to changes in behavior or physical abnormalities. If there is a suspicion, you should not act blindly. Calm and deliberate action is essential to avoid exposing the victim to further violence. Gather information and contact the youth welfare office , a counseling center or the police with this information.

consequences of child abuse

It is well known that people are individuals and therefore react individually. The reactions to sexual abuse can therefore be very different. While some victims become completely withdrawn, others become aggressive. Psychotherapeutic therapy can help many victims to cope with what they have experienced, so that after some time they can return to a more normal life, while other victims later become perpetrators themselves. This danger exists above all in people whose own needs were not recognized or ignored in childhood.

Who can I contact?

  • youth emergency service
  • Per family
  • women centers
  • Child Protection Association

In many large cities there are also special advice centers or associations that deal with this topic. For example, ask your city hall.


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