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Family yoga – relaxation for body and mind

Family yoga - relaxation for body and mind

What is yoga?

People in complicated poses, meditating in an incense-clouded environment – many of us still have this image in mind when we hear the word “yoga”. But yoga is so complex and everyone who chooses this type of relaxation will find their own way of practicing it.

The philosophical teaching, originally from India, aims to restore the unity between body and soul. Most yoga teachers use the so-called asanas for this purpose.

Asanas are certain postures that often bear the names of animals. In accordance with these postures, special importance is attached to breathing. The breath is what keeps us alive. Our body energy can only flow unhindered if it can flow freely.

This type of yoga is mainly practiced in Western Europe. In Buddhism and Hinduism, on the other hand, the focus is more meditative and spiritual. Not infrequently, enlightenment is the goal of the goals and complete self-control is sought through this path.

Yoga classes for children and parents

But back to yoga, as it is most commonly practiced here in our western world. If you want to discover this relaxation method for yourself, it is best to join a course. The adult education centers in larger cities and also many physiotherapeutic practices offer yoga courses. The offer ranges from yoga for beginners, yoga for pregnant women to parent-child yoga. Since yoga is a recognized path to more serenity and mental balance, many health insurance companies subsidize these courses as part of health care. Of course you can also learn yoga with the help of exercise DVDs or books in self-study. However, experience has shown that it is particularly helpful for absolute newcomers in this field if a yoga teacher controls the various postures and corrects them if necessary.

Tips for family yoga

There is a simple basic rule in yoga and it is: never compare yourself with your neighbor! Every body is different and injuries such as strains or torn muscles should be avoided as far as possible. Each practitioner therefore only goes as far into a certain posture as his body can easily cope with without pain. Even if beginners are still miles away from the actual end position – that’s not bad at all. With every hour of yoga, the body becomes more supple and flexible. Posture improves, you walk more upright and become more confident.
In the asanas themselves, the focus is on breathing. Especially at the beginning your thoughts will wander again and again. This is perfectly normal. We have to learn to really focus on one thing again. Not so easy in a world where “multitasking” seems to be the magic word par excellence.


What do you actually need if you want to practice yoga?

Well, not much! A non-slip gymnastics mat of sufficient size is certainly an advantage – but initially a simple blanket or carpet in the living room will do. Dress in comfortable clothing, and have thick socks and a warm blanket ready. You will certainly be able to use these for deep relaxation.

Very important: make sure that you will not be disturbed. So turn off the phone and the doorbell and give yourself the time you need for the exercises. And that’s all and at the same time the beauty of yoga: it doesn’t require expensive equipment and you can practice it anytime and almost anywhere.

If you are interested in practicing yoga with your family but don’t know where to start – check out these websites:

The Effect of Yoga

After just a few yoga lessons, you can feel the positive changes in your own body. Back pain subsides and tension is relieved. Over time, your body tightens, your posture improves and you walk much more upright. Among other things, you can see that by the fact that you have to adjust the mirrors in the car because you have physically straightened up. And the soul is also lifted up. With regular practice, fears can be resolved and insecurities can be discarded. A new “I-feeling” occurs and the awareness of one’s own needs increases. Yes, yoga also has a lot to do with mindfulness. During the training sessions, you treat your body mindfully and carefully, and this attitude is almost automatically transferred to everyday things. More serenity and inner peace are the positive consequences. Yoga – a way to bring body and mind back into harmony. Dare to take this path and experience for yourself how beneficial this form of relaxation can be!


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