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Being lonely makes you sick

Being lonely makes you sick

In the US, one in three people feels lonely, alone and unloved. This is a frightening figure. Loneliness can hurt more than a physical illness. Much worse, loneliness makes people physically ill. People who suffer from loneliness also have a large accumulation of physical ailments.
Why is the number of people suffering from loneliness increasing so rapidly? In a modern age when we can contact others in a flash, by mail, by letter or by picture phone?

Loneliness does not mean being alone. Many people confuse this, are afraid of being alone, are afraid of no longer having people around them. Yet there are moments in life when we feel lonely even in the closest circle of family. On the other hand, we look for moments when we can relax and unwind just for us.
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The inner attitude is crucial

Loneliness does not depend only on being alone. Our inner attitude makes us feel lonely. So being alone can be seen at the same time as a punishment, but also as an opportunity. We feel loneliness only when we feel alone and unloved, sometimes even in the midst of people who love us.

Changes lead to changed feelings

Whether it’s moving to another city, starting a new job, or having the kids leave home, all of these things cause us to feel lonely. There are different types of loneliness. Most often, during times of crisis and change, we experience a brief but temporary loneliness. Often this is a reaction to an external circumstance. But it is good and important for us, because it helps us to adjust to changing times and to start anew.


Loneliness is hard to break through

Some people, however, suddenly withdraw. They lose interest in their environment, have hardly any hobbies and even forget to smile. If we do not break the vicious circle now, we fall into “real” loneliness. We withdraw, feel hated. We are unable to make contact, we go through life as if petrified. Our environment can no longer do anything with our “new” self and soon we fall into total isolation.

establish contacts

The first step is known to be the hardest. But as soon as you have managed to overcome your inner “pig dog”, it becomes easier. Contacts need to be established. Sports and dance classes are the most promising, but even a conversation with a neighbor can make us blossom anew. Suddenly we feel life again and so little by little we develop a renewed joy, joy for the life that is now coming. If we change our attitude now and also face changes positively, we feel how beautiful life is!

Loneliness is an individual experience. On the one hand, it shows us that being with others is something incomparably beautiful. Nevertheless, being alone can also be positive and so being alone alternates with being together – we just have to learn to love all sides.