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Women between family and work

Women between family and work

The balancing act between work and family

Family and work are a constant challenge for many women. Numerous guidebooks for women fill the shelves of bookstores. The title alone promises a lot and shows where the problems lie: “How to balance career, free time and family”.

A lot of exhausted, harried, guilt-ridden working moms buy books and magazines like this. They don’t give up hope that with the right method, the right program, the right time management , they can still manage the balancing act between work and family.

Although the stable, albeit relatively unjust, balance between male and female role models began to falter a long time ago, a new, more just balance that takes the needs of all those involved into account is far from in sight.
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This is how you master work and family

The chances of a good balance between work, family and leisure time are still poor in the life of each and every individual. The classic image of the woman, where the woman takes care of the family at home, is largely a thing of the past. The image of the future is the father of a family who takes on the partnership part of family duties. In the present, however, the interaction of work and family only seems to be possible through perfect time management, proper organization and putting aside one’s own needs.

According to a recent study, the job, raising children and household are at the top of the list of problems. Many working women complain that they have little time for their children and even less time for themselves. Planning childcare is felt to be stressful, especially during the holidays.


Two thirds of the mothers are employed

Over 60 percent of the mothers who are responsible for raising children also have a job. About half of them as part of a part-time job. A quarter of those in employment could imagine working more, but the lack of childcare options prevents this.
The change in education and training is viewed positively by women. Nowadays, more girls than boys are getting university entrance qualifications, and women have also caught up at universities.

Tips for women to get back into work

Austrian women have caught up in terms of participation in education. But the critical point remains getting back into the job. Women in Austria go on maternity leave for a long time, but after their return they can only make limited use of their qualifications. One reason for this is that so-called part-time jobs are relatively rare in the highly qualified sector.

An American study has shown that children don’t necessarily want their working mother to have more time for them, they just want less stressed parents. A hundred percent commitment in both areas (family and job) is not possible anyway. How one deals with this fact depends on one’s own claims. You can let your guilt eat you up, or you can just throw it out the door.

Career but without energy

The opening times of the childcare facilities have in some cases been adapted to the needs of working mothers and the training opportunities for women have also improved. There are now employers who set a good example when it comes to family friendliness. But women still have to compensate for structural weaknesses in society at one level. Women have to reconcile work, raising children, household and leisure time and that borders on a masterpiece. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of energy to climb the rungs of the career ladder. More about children or career?


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