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Uncomplicated outfits – this way you are always well dressed without spending a lot of time

Uncomplicated outfits - this way you are always well dressed without spending a lot of time

Many young mothers are not only faced with the question of which outfit to wear themselves, but also have to think about what to dress their child at the same time.

We share some quick ways to create chic, no-fuss outfits for mom and kid.

Outfits for spring and autumn

Finding outfits for the changeable seasons is particularly difficult, as the temperatures fluctuate greatly, it can suddenly rain and the sun can shine again the next moment. It is advisable for both mothers and children to choose a so-called “onion look”: This means that the outfit can be made thinner or thicker at any time – depending on the temperature or other environmental influences.

Popular combinations are here:

With cozy cardigans , in combination with a top or shirt, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily switch from a comparatively thick outfit to a thin outfit with short sleeves by tying the cardigan around your waist or over your shoulder. Since cardigans come in many different thicknesses, new mothers have a lot of leeway in terms of the thickness of the outfit. There are also great cardigans for children that can easily be stowed away in the pram when the sun is shining.


Tip : Children grow out of their clothes very quickly, it is better to take one size larger, the outfit can be a little looser for children.

Another great outfit is a “cozy hoodie” in combination with a long shirt. Here it is again easy to switch to a thin top and use the hoodie as a fashion accessory. A hoodie is also a great alternative for small children, as they are particularly comfortable, often have a hood and are available in many different patterns and colors.

When choosing trousers, you should opt for a longer model in order to be prepared for all circumstances. For slightly warmer temperatures it can be an ankle-free alternative. The choice of shoes often falls on modern and sporty sneakers or elegant low shoes.

Outfits for the summer:

In summer there are a variety of ways to dress for the warm season. Here the occasion is often decisive for deciding on a certain outfit. Various occasions and possibilities are:

  • Afternoon on the beach: bikini, short top or shirt combined with shorts
  • Barbecue party in the evening: Fashionable skirt combined with a matching top and cardigan
  • A walk in the city: loose trousers in combination with a modern blouse

Basically, it is more comfortable to wear loose or short clothing in summer to counteract the hot temperatures. For this reason, short clothing should also be used for the offspring. We also recommend a sun hat , a cap or a parasol to protect against sunstroke or sunburn.

The right outfit for the winter

With snow, sub-zero temperatures and short days, you should pay particular attention to one thing: clothing should be thick enough to protect you from the cold. A colour-coordinated combination of scarf and shoes can be worn to match a chic coat. The same goes for a hat or gloves. Under the coat, a cozy knit sweater, a modern hoodie or a combination of cardigan and shirt can complete the outfit.

It is also advisable to wear boots or sturdy shoes. This not only completes the winter look, but also protects against wet and cold feet. A modern accessory for winter are knitted wool socks that go over the top of the shoes, providing a great transition from pants to shoes.

With small children, it is a top priority to put on warm clothing. Even in slightly cool temperatures, the child should wear a hat, gloves and a scarf. Because the risk of children becoming chilled and catching a cold is higher than for adults.

Conclusion: suitable clothing for the right occasion

Which clothing is the right one depends on the individual and, in particular, on the occasion. In principle, however, it is always the case that you have to feel comfortable in your own clothes. You should also be prepared for weather changes, especially in spring and autumn.

For children, the function of clothing must take precedence over appearance. A combination of both is ideal, maybe even in a mother-child partner look .


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