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Tips against lovesickness

Tips against lovesickness

When love hurts

When you think luck has conspired against you, you don’t sleep at night, your appetite is failing, and your heart just won’t stop grieving, then there’s a good chance you’re lovesick.

The questions are constantly buzzing around in your head, what did I do wrong? Why can’t I be happily in love? Lovesickness is a pretty nasty thing that hurts a lot and you feel powerless to face at first. What can I do to get my everyday life back on track and slowly find myself again? The first few months in particular are difficult to cope with. Emotions seem to be on a roller coaster. But you are not completely at the mercy of the situation.
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What to do against lovesickness?

Undoubtedly, the relationship must first be processed in the head until one has fully recovered. That doesn’t happen overnight. As the saying goes: time heals all wounds. Easier said than done, in a phase of life in which feelings of revenge and crying fits determine everyday life. It may take a while for the wounds to heal, but a few supportive measures can’t hurt until then. Here are a few tips on how to get through the first difficult time after the breakup better:

Tips against lovesickness

  • Maintain a strict ban on contact with your ex, at least for the time being. Keep your hands away from text messages, phone calls or emails. It just upsets you and won’t let you calm down.
  • Eliminate memorabilia from your field of view. Your ex’s favorite sweater has to go, along with pictures and everything else that keeps reminding you of your ex in everyday life.
  • Crying is okay, it feels good and you just need it to let your feelings run free. In general, it is important to let the feelings out. Music, painting or writing – the main thing is that you don’t eat anything in the long run.
  • Under no circumstances should you isolate yourself at home and cut off contact with the outside world, even if you feel like it. It only gets you deeper into the swamp of lack of zest for life and anger.


heartbreak what to do – Distraction helps

Distract yourself by spending time with friends and family. Go out, take time for yourself and create things you always wanted to do. Talk to your friends. There is one small exception: If your circle of friends overlaps with that of your ex, do not tell anything about your hurt feelings, otherwise it would end up with the ex straight away and you can do without that.

Power yourself up. This is a great way to reduce tension and aggression that can otherwise accumulate unhindered in you. Get off the couch and do sports. How about a self-defense or Asian martial arts course? ( family sport )

Forgo a quick new relationship. It would only be a stopgap, the relationship is often doomed to failure. Until you completely heal the old relationship, there will always be problems in the new partnership. New lovesickness is inevitable.

Other tips against lovesickness :
Just do not reach for alcohol, drugs or medication. They won’t solve your problem and will only destroy more than they seem to help for the moment.

Don’t even start binge eating of any kind. Even if it is said that chocolate will make you happier at the moment, you will more than regret it later. At the latest when you are looking for a new partner and are not satisfied with your appearance, you will get annoyed.

Draw a line

heartbreak what to do – Take another look at the ex. Was he or she really that perfect? Or has something always bothered you? What does the ex look like without the famous “rose-colored glasses”?

Being single is a new phase of life. Once you get rid of the memories of your ex, you can start again. Maybe with yourself. To find new self-esteem, a change is sometimes quite good. How about a new haircut? Or a whole new look? Being single does not only have disadvantages. Being responsible for no one but yourself is a very beautiful thing. Being able to make decisions just as freely without having to take anyone into consideration is something that many people even find liberating after a breakup.

So in the end there is only one conclusion: take as much time as you need, look to the future with as much optimism as you can and seize new opportunities when they throw themselves at you. As difficult as it may seem at the moment, we learn from our experiences, we grow from them. At some point everyone has processed their lovesickness. One earlier, the other later…


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