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This keeps children safe and secure in the garden

This keeps children safe and secure in the garden

So that the little ones in the family can also fully enjoy the home garden, parents and grandparents should definitely deal with the potential dangers that the garden can hold for children.

In order to let the children romp and play in the garden without worrying, the risks can be minimized without much effort. The following article explains how this works. 

A safe fence

Children’s actions are always marked by a certain curiosity, so they are always looking for the next adventure that awaits them. So it is not uncommon for the home garden to seem too small at some point and the exciting world outside the private outdoor area lures you.

In order to prevent the children from leaving the garden unnoticed, a secure fence of the property cannot be dispensed with. A dense hedge, for example, does not usually provide sufficient security, because the little ones will always find a gap. It is therefore better to rely on a child-friendly garden fence, which also acts as a reliable privacy screen.

Child-friendly fences are characterized by being at least one meter high, but a height of 1.40 meters is ideal. The distance between the individual fence slats should be a maximum of eleven centimeters so that the little ones cannot stick their heads through them. In addition, you should not use fences that have pointed fence slats, such as wrought-iron fences or hunter’s fences. 


Childproof pool and pond


Families do not have to do without beautifying their outdoor area with a body of water because of the children in the household. Nevertheless, there should always be an awareness that it can mean a serious danger to the life of small children if they fall into the water unnoticed.

If a pond is planned in the garden, child safety should always be the top priority. For example, slippery stone slabs or sloping slopes near the pond area should be avoided. A pond fence has a particularly high level of security. This should also be supplemented by a pond protection net or grid. If a more natural design is preferred, a dense hedge of roses is a good alternative to a fence.

If there is a pool in the garden, this can also be provided with a cover or a fence. Lockable pool covers are also an option . A pool alarm also creates a particularly safe feeling. The device is installed at the edge of the pool or on the water surface and registers through the corresponding wave movements when pets or children fall into the water. An alarm is triggered immediately. However, this type of alarm system should always only be considered as a supplementary measure, as it does not offer complete security against accidents. 

Protection of the rain barrel

However, it is not only the pool or pond that poses a serious risk to children in the garden, because other deep vessels that are filled with water, such as a rain barrel, can also pose a risk.

Covers should therefore never be omitted with these containers, and it must also be ensured that there are no climbing aids nearby for the little ones. 

Beware of poisonous plants

There are numerous poisonous plants in home gardens that should not be underestimated, regardless of whether they are lily of the valley, deadly nightshade or monkshood. Many plants that are very popular in gardens in this country can be a real danger for children.

Parents should therefore find out in detail which poisonous plants are present in their garden. The best thing to do then is to consciously avoid these poisonous plants and to remove them. An alternative is to plant them in pots, which are then placed in places the children cannot reach. 


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