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The weekend marriage with children

The weekend marriage with children

Weekend marriage – can it go well?

Searched and found, gut feeling says yes: When two people find each other as a couple, many things initially play a minor role. This also applies to the partner’s place of work. After some time, a weekend relationship has developed, which can later become a weekend marriage. Countless couples who live happily according to this model prove that such a distance relationship can work. However, there is no question that such a marriage also requires a great deal of willingness to compromise, trust and patience.

Talk to each other

Not everyone is really cut out for a weekend marriage. You have to learn to master your everyday life as much as possible on your own and still support your spouse, for example by doing administrative work for them. This is difficult for many people, and yet they take it upon themselves to keep the man or woman for life. Instead of sharing everyday life with each other, it is more likely to be “communicated” to the other. Good communication with each other is the be-all and end-all of a functioning weekend marriage. Many couples use the distance as an opportunity because it encourages conversation. The evening phone calls have become a cherished ritual for many commuter couples. It’s not about control, it’s about creating closeness on an emotional level. looking for the conversation communicate – many people in a marriage under one roof have forgotten this. If one does not manage to maintain communication in a long-distance marriage, loneliness and alienation are inevitable and the relationship is on shaky ground.
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Problems in a weekend marriage

In a weekend marriage there is little time for each other. Countless things have to be done, even if it’s just mowing the lawn or shopping. Family and friends are also demanding their time. And so couples in a long-distance relationship plan their time together very carefully. They enjoy the hours together more consciously and make them beautiful, they concentrate on the positive. In a weekend marriage, for example, breakfast is brought to bed more often than in conventional marriages under one roof. The associated expectation that the weekend has to be great can quickly turn into a disappointment – at the latest when everyday life with all the small complications that are part of life enters into a weekend marriage.
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Although the couples miss the mutual support of partners in their own regular everyday life, it also harbors an independence that most people enjoy. Watching a soccer game on TV without the wife getting a scowl or going out with a friend in the evening without the husband reproachfully saying: again?! – these are the clear advantages of a weekend marriage. The negative thing about it is and remains that the weekends are regularly reserved for the partner and the time for oneself, for example to go to a concert or attend an event, often falls through the cracks.

Another negative effect of a weekend marriage is conflict resolution. Problems arise in every relationship and are simply part of being together. Spouses in a long-distance relationship tend to suppress minor conflicts so as not to burden their limited time – but these conflicts continue to smolder underground and eventually surface. On the other hand, some couples manage to solve problems quickly and promptly because they cannot afford to go back and forth for a long time. This routine is often lacking in traditional married couples who live together every day. More about solving partnership problems

Many marriages work so well for years because they are weekend marriages. Other marriages break up because of it. It’s not easy for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the need for closeness and security or for retreat and seclusion does not automatically adapt to the rhythm of the duty roster.


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