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the marriage proposal

the marriage proposal

Marriage proposal ideas

It is definitely the moment when many pairs of eyes begins to sweat when watching a feature film. Hardly anything is as epitome of romance as the marriage proposal. Admittedly, it probably plays a more important role for women than for men – but it is also a special, well-considered moment for the lords of creation.

But what does he look like, THE marriage proposal? The classic way in a nice restaurant, by candlelight and the ring on the dessert bowl? Mhmm, or would you rather be at home, in the bedroom: the floor laid out with red rose petals, tea lights in between, wonderful music and the magic words written on the pillow with a textile pen? Also a nice idea that comes into its own in bed or in the shower: write the message on the skin using body painting. Or how about recording your favorite song so that it ends with the wedding march? No – not the best idea? Okay, then think about it further.
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Romantic marriage proposals

Ok, how about an adventurous scavenger hunt through vineyards? Distribute small tips everywhere, station by station you get closer and closer to the actual goal: a small clearing where a bulging picnic basket is waiting – with delicious finger food, a bottle of your favorite wine with a label of a slightly different kind…

Not either the right thing? Then very musically: playing a grand piano on the white sandy beach in front of the backdrop of the turquoise-blue South Seas. Or better animal: like in a fairy tale, as a prince charming on horseback. Too worn? Then on a farm: Instead of eggs, she accidentally finds a small red velvet box.

Original marriage proposals

Have your partner pick you up from work and bring you to your place in the stretch limousine. Place an advertisement when you go to the cinema, a courtship. Use the scoreboard, the speakers at a sporting event. Take a guided tour of a planetarium together: “I would like to get the stars from the sky for you…”.
An advertisement in the newspaper, a rented poster or canvas, linked to a website, written on the bathroom mirror, on a page in the newly purchased holiday book.

Is everything too cheesy? Hello – marriage proposals are somehow always cheesy and wonderfully beautiful! With all the many suggestions, the question arises: Why does a marriage proposal have to be unusual and original?



Maybe THE marriage proposal is just accompanied by a very loud heartbeat and the small but fine classic par excellence – kneeling. The crucial thing shouldn’t be the question of how or by whom – but that it comes from the heart.

“Material” for marriage proposals:

  • Red roses or their leaves
  • engagement ring
  • Heart shaped pillow
  • balloons
  • Greeting cards with the question of all questions
  • Candles / scented candles
  • champagne
  • A personalized gift with the famous question (e.g. photo puzzle, photo mug)
  • Romantic music


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