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The first days of the offspring – remember the most beautiful moments

The first days of the offspring - remember the most beautiful moments

The arrival of your baby, which you have been looking forward to for many months, inspires excitement and pride. The strains and pains of pregnancy and childbirth recede into the background. Once the baby is born, it becomes your favorite photo motif. But what are the ways to capture those meaningful first moments?

The first photo shoot in the maternity hospital

The first hours and days after birth are always something special, no matter whether it is your first, second or third child. Hopefully the birth went without complications so that you and your child do not have to stay in the hospital. Both you and your baby will be overwhelmed by new impressions in the first few days. That’s wonderful, but it’s also often difficult. Your baby will probably cry a lot in the first few days, but will also rest a lot. The days mainly consist of sleeping, eating and cuddling a lot.

Your baby is developing rapidly and changing every day. The desire to capture the most beautiful moments in photos is therefore great. In many maternity clinics it is now common for a photographer to take the first photos of the baby a few days after the birth. Many parents keep these first pictures together with the name bracelet the child receives in the hospital and the newborn’s first footprint in a keepsake box or a homemade keepsake frame. The first pictures of the baby are also used for individual photo gifts for the birth .

To ensure that the first baby photos are a success, you can follow a few tips:

  1. Motive : Your baby will probably sleep through his first photo shoot. That’s no problem, even pictures of the sleeping baby, its cute feet and hands and little face are super sweet and wonderful motifs.
  2. Outfit: For the first pictures, many parents swaddle their baby or dress it in a cute, simple baby bodysuit. But it is also possible to place the baby without clothes on a soft surface for a nice photo.
  3. Props: Feel free to use a few props, such as a stuffed animal or a comfort blanket. Many parents also use a tape measure that shows the baby’s height or wooden letters that form the child’s name.
  4. Family: Photos with parents and siblings (if any) should not be missing.

If you decide to have a newborn photo shoot in the hospital, you should find out beforehand how expensive it is. With a good camera, you or your partner can alternatively take your own photos. In any case, the pictures offer a wonderful souvenir of the first days with your sweetheart. They are also good for homemade thank you notes for the birth, which you can send to your family and friends.


More souvenirs of the first time with your child

In addition to pictures, there are other objects that serve as a reminder of the most beautiful moments with the newborn. Immediately after birth, the children are given footprints in the hospital, for example. Parents can often choose a color of their choice. Sometimes there are even birth gifts from the hospital. A name card on the bed and/or a name bracelet are also common. All these things are reminiscent of the first time with the baby and, as mentioned, can be wonderfully processed into a large collage or a kind of souvenir box.

Other things that you can keep in such a baby box or picture frame in addition to the items mentioned:

  • the card from the hospital showing the baby’s weight, height, head circumference and time of birth
  • the first pacifier
  • Baby’s first pair of shoes
  • the first baby body

You can arrange the items in a baby keepsake box or a large frame and then display them in the children’s room. This gives you a wonderful memory of the time after the birth of your child.

baby showers and other customs

It is not uncommon for parents to celebrate the arrival of their child with a baby party. However, this should not take place immediately after the birth, as mother and child first have to calm down and need time for themselves. In the first few weeks after giving birth, many mothers also suffer from a low mood, the so-called baby blues . Therefore, the birth celebration should take place after confinement if possible or before the birth, if this is possible.

Plant tree of life

There are also all sorts of customs associated with the birth of a child. This includes, for example, planting a tree of life. Trees are among the most deeply rooted and oldest primal symbols of mankind. They stand for the immortality of nature and life. So it makes sense that parents and godparents have always planted a tree for the birth of a child. To this day, the birth tree is a meaningful and beautiful gift to the new family. The tree of life expresses the wish that the child should grow up well protected in a world that is as healthy and green as possible.

The Tree of Life comes with a decoratively designed certificate containing the name and date of birth of the newcomer. The certificate is printed on high-quality paper and includes personal blessings for life or a contemplative dedication. This gives the child a worthy souvenir of the day it was born.

tighten the clothesline

Another common custom is a clothesline that is stretched out in front of the new parents’ house. She shares the good news with friends and neighbors, who can happily welcome the mother and her baby home. Everything related to a baby can be attached to the clothesline: cuddly toys, socks, rompers, cloth diapers, hats and also a few colorful balloons. So everyone can see from a distance that a new citizen has arrived here.

If you feel like it, you can also organize a small drink for relatives, friends and neighbors or cook a hearty chicken soup for the guests. . The soup is intended to strengthen the new mother after the strenuous birth.


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