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Solving partnership problems – but how?

Solving partnership problems - but how?

Problems in the partnership

With rose-tinted glasses on your nose and floating on cloud nine, you see your new partner and your future together as simply rosy. But in every relationship, no matter how good, dark clouds appear at some point. A reason for a breakup ? No! Then it’s time to fight!

No relationship is easy – not even a happy one!

Even with happy married couples, whose character and attitude to life ideally match, small or even large storm clouds can appear on the horizon, regardless of whether there are problems with the joint finances, the joint or pre-marital (step)children or the (in-law) parents are.

Those who give up in the face of such problems instead of fighting – with each other and not against each other – mutate into an unhappy couple. A happy couple masters these bumps in life together, pulls together – and stays happy. After all, happy couples don’t have to deal with fewer worries and difficulties than others!

Fight, but not against each other!

When problems arise, many couples put all their strength into the fight. That’s good! However, instead of fighting the object of the problem, they often also start fighting their life and love partner. This is how unhappy couples are born. However, if the couple joins forces to pull together and solve the problem, then they have understood the principle of the “happy couple”.


Solve partnership problems – don’t give up right away!

Problems are there to be worked on and solved. Who gives up loses. Of course, it is important that the basic chemistry of the couple and, above all, the basis for the conversation – i.e. the communication – is right. If one of the two is stubborn about a difficult issue, the other is helpless, of course. But if you as a couple agree, even great difficulties can be overcome together. There’s no such thing as giving up. Every common life creates challenges that have to be mastered. Whoever capitulates is risking the common happiness in life and love.
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Arguing, but right!

When you’re in love, you don’t want to think about arguing, but sooner or later it can happen that you have different opinions. Even the most balanced couple will at some point have different perspectives on certain difficulties and issues. Here it is important to bring about a conflict resolution with a cultivated culture of discussion and argument. How it works? By listening to each other, understanding the other’s point of view – and formulating one’s own arguments positively without merely attacking the other. Communication is everything – in a state of peace as well as in a state of war in a relationship. ( Arguing in the partnership ) A point of contention can also be jealousy , for example .

Tips for a happy partnership

There is perfect happiness in love – and there isn’t. In a happy relationship or marriage , you have to work and fight in the same way. If you resolve differences of opinion like adults and don’t throw in the famous towel at every bump in life, nothing stands in the way of a happy life as a couple.
If you notice that you cannot solve the partnership problems yourself, partner counseling / marriage counseling may be able to help.
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