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Sexual education for girls

Sexual education for girls

Enlighten girls

Do you remember the story of the bees and the flowers? In the past, educating young people was an extremely unpleasant task, which was accompanied by embarrassment and a feeling of shame – if it took place at all.
Even today, sexuality among girls is often taboo. But silence is wrong! The girls and boys were often left alone with their questions and the physical changes during puberty came as a complete surprise to them. Thankfully, times have changed and most parents are very open about sexuality.
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How to educate girls

Education for girls should start early! The questions begin to arise from an early age. Little girls start wondering early in the bathroom because their big brother “down there” looks so different from them. They marvel at their parents’ pubic hair and want to know why they are still bald in those areas. The mother of the kindergarten friend is having a baby and the question arises as to whether the woman’s stomach needs to be cut open to get the little one out. A little later the thought: “And how did the baby get into the stomach in the first place?” At kindergarten age, the little ones become more aware of the differences between the sexes and it is not uncommon for a sibling to arrivesufficient material for the beginning of the educational work. Enlightenment cannot be done in a day – it is a process that stretches over many years.

The first period

By the age of 10-12, most girls begin to notice the first changes in their bodies. The breasts begin to grow tentatively and can hurt when touched. The first pubic hair is discovered and all other signs point to puberty. Defiant phases alternate with an absolute need for love, and it is not easy for many parents to have an enlightening conversation with their daughter, especially at this time. But this should happen now at the latest, since the first period will certainly not be long in coming. As a mother, you should prepare your daughter for the menstrual period in good time, because nothing is worse for the girl than suddenly discovering blood in her panties without any background knowledge and not even knowing what is happening to her. With the beginning of the first period, the girl can theoretically become pregnant – a fact that should by no means remain undisclosed. It is usually the mother who then enlightens her daughter about the physical processes, the act of sexual intercourse and the possible consequences. However, the father can take on this task just as well – it is always decisive who the girl is closer to and who she trusts more. (More information about menstrual hygiene )

Tender ties – the first friend – Education is especially now important for girls

Secret crushes, love messages scribbled there, the first kiss – probably every girl has butterflies in her stomach at this time! The first friend is something very special, as the offspring suddenly experience completely new feelings and are on cloud nine without seeming to be interested in anything else! Parents are particularly vigilant during this phase and usually worry about their child. And that’s just as well. Before the newly in love have to meet secretly in a backyard somewhere, offer your daughter to bring her boyfriend home. You will not necessarily find out whether and in what way the two have already had sexual contact. But try to talk to your daughter without asking too curious questions. In this sense, enlightenment not only has something to do with the actual sexual act, but also includes the topics of love, trust and responsibility. The various contraceptive options are discussed. If your daughter wants it, you can accompany her on her first visit to the gynecologist . Many gynecologists are already offering consultations for young teens – an option you could discuss with your girl.

Education is primarily the task of the parents

Towards the end of elementary school, the curriculum in schools provides a few hours for educational work. Various magazines for young girls have sections on love and sexuality where the teenagers have their questions answered by experts. And last but not least, today’s kids are confronted with the subject of sexuality almost every day by the media – not always in a way that is appropriate for their age. Parents who only rely on educational work at school and on various magazines are really making it too easy for themselves. Nowhere else than in the atmosphere of trust in the parental home can such a sensitive topic as education be conveyed better. Only when the girl feels safe

Open, unbiased and without precisely laying out every single word – this is the best way to clarify things. Don’t see these conversations as insurmountable hurdles, but as an opportunity to accompany your daughter on her way to adulthood and to stand by her just as in everyday things.

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