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Saving is fun

saving is fun

How to have fun while saving

Attractive and intelligent measures, with which one can relieve the strained purse amazingly effectively, wait sometimes in the most unusual niches. To discover the hidden piggy banks, you just have to go through the world with an alert eye and be ready for a cool and curious recalculation at every opportunity. Here follow two of many proofs for this assertion.


How expensive is the cab ride really?

Some second cars were only purchased so that occasional trips could be made without having to take a sinfully expensive cab. But what does it actually cost in direct comparison to have one’s own car at one’s disposal? While at present a comfortably chauffeured kilometer in the cab with approximately 1.50 euro strikes to account, costs the same distance with the own car approximately 70 cent. This calculation is based on running costs such as depreciation, insurance premiums and workshop visits. For the sake of honesty, however, the not inconsiderable acquisition costs, the astronomical rate of increase in fuel prices, the hefty parking fees and the annoying hassle of looking for a parking space should be added to this figure. If a person who rarely needs a car takes all these parameters into account, then a cab ride can suddenly become cheaper (or at least no more expensive) than owning a car. And if you then choose a friendly regular cab driver, with whom the rare trips also get a pleasant human quality, then you have won all along the line with cheap luxury.

Party service instead of roast or buffet

It feels good to invite dear friends to your home for a social gathering. However, the question of what to offer for the common physical well-being can quickly become a grueling matter of nerves. After all, if you have to spend all your time working in the kitchen while you’re supposed to be entertaining your guests, you won’t be in the right mood. And if you prepare an elaborate buffet, you can eat together with your guests, but you have a lot of preparation and follow-up work to do. And usually there’s so much leftover food that you’ll have a hard time not letting anything go to waste in the days that follow. Much more relaxed and in the sum of all costs to be considered one drives there substantially more favorably, if one lets come itself something delicious freshly from the good party service. Then everyone can wish for exactly what they like, the kitchen stays clean, the catering costs are low, and the hosts look like generous benefactors who don’t let themselves get short-changed. This is a very positive paradox, which is based on the misconception that it is always cheaper to cook yourself than to have someone cook for you. The smaller the circle of invited guests, the friendlier this pleasurable calculation works out.

If you now also land your brand-name clothes in the second-hand boutique and everything else that is good and expensive in the factory outlet for cheap, then nothing stands in the way of a luxurious lifestyle under the motto “Saving is fun”.


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