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Save money in everyday life

Save money in everyday life

How can you save money?

Those who are good with money always have an advantage. Especially when the belt has to be tightened again. But it’s all very well to practice sensible thrift as a clever hobby, and to approach the matter with the necessary relaxed athleticism. All that is needed is a little consistency, with which the following tried and tested advice is to be implemented.

How can you save money in everyday life? – Write down all expenses

A notebook, which is constantly carried along, should document from now on each and every expense, no matter how small. This has three advantages at once. First, the writing down must as such is often already reason enough to refrain from the purchase, if it is not really necessary. Secondly one gets thereby with really inevitable purchases very fast a good feeling for the actual regular personal financial need. And thirdly, it puts a fairly stable stop to ill-considered impulse purchases.

Saving in daily life takes some work and also some thinking! The proverb “every penny three times over ” has already its sense!

You can also save money in this way:

  • Ride a bike instead of a car
  • Buy inexpensive food – no brands
  • Pay attention to special offers
  • Check contracts (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.)
  • Buy large packages – then possibly share with friends, acquaintances

Paying only with cash helps to save money in daily life!

The happy colorful plastic card money is always spent so quickly and carelessly, because it is not psychologically perceived at the cash register as real money. If, on the other hand, you have to hold real banknotes in your hand when paying, the perceived value is much more realistic. That’s why it’s possible to save a considerable amount of money simply by banishing the check card from your wallet, and from now on only shopping with cash. Then you really think twice about whether a certain purchase decision should be positive or negative.


Do not incur debts

It sounds banal, but it’s the naked truth: If you don’t have money, don’t spend it. If everyone followed this wise advice, loan sharks and interest usurers would have died out long ago, and no one would miss them. That’s why it’s important to only take out loans, including overdraft facilities, if you’re making a vital purchase or a really promising investment. Anyone who goes on vacation “on credit” or indulges in a senseless shopping spree is acting with gross negligence and can therefore expect no sympathy from those who have managed their finances wisely.

The saying about the waiting room of great fortune, in which everyone sits who plays the lottery, is not quite correct. In fact, the probability of hitting a fat cash vein while gambling is vanishingly small. The only one who regularly rakes in fat profits from betting and tipping is the state. Everyone who otherwise, and rightly, gets upset about the ubiquitous “taker qualities” of the German treasury should remember this. So not participating in paid games of chance is tantamount to not naively sacrificing one’s few euros on the altar of infinite improbability.

Saving money in everyday life – friendship makes strong

Buy only what you really (!) need and / or what you really want to have – this helps a lot in saving money in everyday life!

Some people have already driven themselves into financial ruin by wanting to maintain a semblance of prosperity to the outside world, when the actual fire in their wallets had long since gone out. But what drives a person who doesn’t have too much money to spare to buy things he doesn’t need just to impress people he doesn’t actually like? At this point, the pursuit of status symbols can be fatal.

That is why in lean years (and, in fact, elsewhere) one should surround oneself only with solidary and friendly people who do not look at external wealth but at inner values. In the circle of such understanding friends one does not have it at all necessary to lie regarding a momentarily strained financial situation. You can be honest there, you can confide in them. And if it goes then sometime again pekuniär uphill, is still time enough to go times chicly together meal or to undertake a Schaufensterbummel. That is, if you still feel the desire for such costly and fleeting pleasures.