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Relaxation with the family

Relaxation with the family

Everyday life with all its small and larger tasks is very demanding for almost all families. Overtime, business trips or shift work often make a regular daily routine almost impossible. And even the children complain about “too much stress”. Pressure at school, next to a sports club, music school or occupational therapy – on some days there is hardly time to get all family members at the table for at least one meal together. Not to mention relaxing. And yet it is necessary to escape from all everyday tasks and to consciously treat oneself to a break as a family.

How can families relax together?

Anyone who hopes that he will finally have free time for this will probably have to wait forever. In general, we all have the same amount of time available – 24 hours a day. What we do with this time and how we spend it is at our discretion. Of course we have to go to work and the offspring have to go to kindergarten or school. But everything that comes after that we can design freely. This means that we have to consciously create space for our relaxation.

The relaxation time in the family is not comparable to what we experience, for example, with autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen. Relaxing as a family means: leaving everyday life behind and taking time for each other. All family members discuss together what this free time should look like in the end. A nice evening of games or reading aloud with warm tea and candlelight are well suited for switching off and forgetting everyday worries. Especially in the Advent season, when it gets dark early outside, you can relax with smaller children, for example, doing handicrafts and browsing together.


In addition, fixed rituals are wonderfully suited to switch off from everyday stress. Every family has its own ideas here. Whether watching a film together, cuddling together or getting creative – whatever pleases and where everyone feels comfortable is allowed. For example, some families swear by special relaxation CDs and go on a fantasy journey together. Especially jittery children become calmer and learn to relax. The book trade also has very good reading material on the subject of “relaxing with children as a family”, which contains a variety of suggestions for relaxing.


Yoga for families

Have you ever heard of yoga? This Far Eastern relaxation method can also be practiced in the family. In order to integrate the children, they should be at least 5 years old. In a rather playful way, you learn how to relax through special physical exercises. The postures – referred to as asanas – very often have animal names and most kids love it when they can then practice them. The adult education centers, but also some psychotherapy practices, offer courses for this parent-child yoga directly. And don’t worry: nobody has to contort themselves with yoga! In the exercises, you only go as far as your own body can easily cope with.

Excursions for relaxation

Yoga not for you? Do you prefer active relaxation? No problem. Once you’ve made it and “shoveled” a little more time, a nice excursion is a good idea. When was the last time you were at the zoo? When did you all set off on an eventful hike together? A visit to an amusement park or a museum can also contribute to relaxation. Always popular: relaxing in the swimming pool and drifting in the wet element. Perhaps even the youngest are interested in going to the sauna? On special family days, the children are also welcome in the sweat cabin and can test how they like this sweaty affair.

Other relaxation methods:

  • tai chi
  • pilates
  • massages
  • meditation
  • Qigong

There are really many ways to relax together as a family. Simply select from the various suggestions what is good for you and your family. Everyone feels well-being and relaxation differently – in this sense: go on a journey of discovery and listen to your body!


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