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Long-distance relationship – togetherness at a distance

Long-distance relationship - togetherness at a distance

What is a weekend relationship?

One would think that the motto of a long-distance relationship is: lonely together. If you take a closer look at long-distance relationships, completely new perspectives often open up. There is no doubt that a long-distance relationship is always a burden on the partnership. Regardless of whether the couples deliberately entered into a long-distance relationship or whether it came about as a result of external circumstances, such as work-related or family commitments – long-distance relationships are subject to special conditions.

They can take place in very different ways. If the partner is absent for half a year due to a stay abroad, this is certainly more difficult for those affected than the normal weekend relationship of commuters. Whether during your studies, through holiday acquaintances or even weekend relationships created via the Internet, the number is constantly increasing. At least eight percent of couples live in one, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.
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The fact is that the couples move in their own worlds and are confronted with different influencing factors, experiences, people and thus also priorities. The difficulty is connecting these worlds together and processing them together. And this shouldn’t only happen during the time together, which is very limited, but also during the time apart. Telephone calls or emails, maybe even a webcam help to establish a personal connection – a sense of community that says: We are a couple and belong together. No long-distance relationship can function without communication. Assuming a strong love, it requires above all a large portion of trust in the partner.

Long-distance relationship problems: jealousy inevitable

A long-distance relationship also brings some problems with it! A person tends to get jealous easily and distrusts the partner, a long-distance relationship is very likely to fail. We cannot control whether we fall in love. Suddenly this feeling is there and everyone makes the best of it. But before you get involved in such a relationship, everyone should ask themselves: Am I suitable for this? Can I get through a temporary separation every time? Surprisingly, most couples do this quite well. The secret is to give yourself time to accept this fact. And this takes longer than the couples would like to admit. It can take six months or three quarters of a year for someone to get emotionally involved in the situation. After that, rituals became established. Saying goodbye is no longer so difficult You learn to use the limited time together sensibly. (Weekend with the family ) Minor quarrels become irrelevant because you have learned to concentrate on the essentials. Conflicts are sometimes resolved over the phone. The enormous mood swings that everyone experiences at the beginning of a weekend relationship become less. First you feel anger because your partner is leaving, then sadness that he is gone, then longing that he will come back and finally joy and harmony because he is home again. All this will become easier over time, the long-distance relationship will gain stability. You learn to ignore the fact that your partner will leave again, so as not to spoil the time together with negative ulterior motives.

Another problem in a long-distance relationship can be money. Can the couple afford to see every weekend? The prejudice that couples in long-distance relationships tend to cheat is definitely wrong. An advantage of this special kind of relationship is the deep intimacy with each other. How many couples can claim that after several years of being in a relationship, there is still tummy tingling when the partner comes home? Everyday life is more left out in a long-distance relationship than in couples who live together all the time, where the desire for variety is much more pronounced. Since you don’t see each other all the time, your sex life stays attractive longer. The intimacy within the relationship increases.


Benefits of a weekend relationship

Most long-distance relationships also have the positive side effect of favoring and promoting the partners’ careers. Overtime and countless meetings are easier if no one is waiting at home with dinner.

Partners in a weekend relationship have the good fortune or the problem – depending on the opinion of those affected – of being able to alternately experience a single life with that of a deep relationship. Two centers of life develop, which only partially overlap. Different social contacts develop, during the separation time those involved feel freer. They even design their residence at their own discretion. It helps couples connect by leaving personal items and utensils in each other’s homes. This makes you feel more at home at the other place of residence.

Due to the separation times, couples experience their partner much more intensively. Even the slightest changes are instinctively perceived, regardless of whether they are only external or emotional. A spiritual bond develops.

If the couples in long-distance relationships manage to get the strong mood swings under control and to keep the burdensome obligations, such as visits within the family or household chores, to a minimum in the short time together, then a long-distance relationship can definitely work. If you don’t increase the pressure of the expectations of the time together and always deal openly with each other, then this wonderful time can be experienced much more intensively. A long-distance relationship should not only be viewed as a burden, it also offers opportunities that would be impossible in a “normal” partnership.


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