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End a relationship – but do it right!

End a relationship - but do it right!

The end of a love relationship is a painful experience for most people. For some, the final line comes as a surprise, for others it was pre-programmed long ago. The final breaking up, however, triggers an avalanche of feelings in most of them and often plunges them into massive lovesickness . How badly and how long you suffer from it also depends to a large extent on the way in which a relationship ended. But how do you properly end a relationship?

Reasons for separation from partner:

f you have caught the absolutely wrong partner for yourself and your salvation, a final stroke is certainly a salutary solution. The practice of continuing relationships out of fear of breaking up has seldom produced a satisfactory result. Ultimately, the love affair ends anyway in a disaster in the form of an
uncovered infidelity or some other abrupt, much more painful end than one intended and the other also deserved. The fact that the time has come to think about the end of the relationship shows when a massive lack of love, disrespect and constant mutual misunderstanding has crept in. If the harmony has become irreparably imbalanced, the basis of trust has been lost and instead of mutual inclusion in everyday life there are only nasty accusations, then it is probably time to reconsider the connection. You should definitely give each other opportunities for clarifying discussions. If these help only a little or not at all, then one should probably draw the consequences in order not to continue to suffer.


Cowards cause great lovesickness

The step of ending a relationship is not easy for anyone – assuming you have character. For the “dismissed” person, an abrupt as well as a foreseeable end usually means a “mega meltdown”. If the partner gives notice to the former lover in an insensitive or even very harsh manner, this intensifies the already great pain of loss and grief in most cases. After all, you were once very close and familiar. An impersonal end via SMS or e-mail – possibly without much advance notice – is therefore absolutely unfair and inappropriate. The use of internet services in order not to have to break up personally at all is also to be felt as absolutely nasty. A very practical service for callous contemporaries of a special kind.

But end the relationship properly
Final talks should be held in private and not over the phone, even if you are cowardly enough to be considerate of the other person. Absolutely disgusting – unfortunately mostly male – specimens take this advice into account, but attach the breakup to a last sweet hour. A very “empathetic” approach…
Not getting in touch anymore and simply not answering the desperate calls and text messages is another form of psychological terror for “quit” existences. Those affected are thus deprived of the opportunity to close the relationship for themselves and suffer from their lovesickness for longer than necessary. Therefore: cowards, turn yourself in!

Only fair behavior in separation

A calm one-on-one conversation, in which the person willing to separate explains their motives openly to their partner, allows questions and answers sensitively and not hurtfully, helps a lot in ending the relationship! Of course, the conversation will rarely be completely emotionless. No matter how long a relationship lasted, everyone deserves a “proper” ending. Separation is painful anyway… For many, however, it also means the chance of a new beginning with a partner who suits them much better.
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