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blind date

blind date

It takes a bit of courage, sometimes even a little effort, to go on a blind date. The kick of uncertainty and anticipation is what makes meeting an unknown person so interesting. A photo of the “date” or closer dates are only available to a limited extent. So it is always open before the date whether it will be a flop or an exciting experience.

What should you watch out for on a blind date?

Just a few years ago, blind dates came about mainly through personal ads, friends, colleagues and acquaintances or through flirt hotlines. Today, the Internet is considered the preferred platform for new contacts. Instead of hesitant phone calls or getting to know each other by letter, chats and emails speed up the first meeting. Most singles look for other single people in online dating sites and have already had one or two blind dates. In addition, both parties often exchange information or pictures in advance, so that the blind date is no longer as “blind” as it used to be.

The expectations of a blind date

In the age of social media, the identification mark “rose in the buttonhole” has a somewhat dusty image. But the excitement before the first date has still not subsided. Many love the tingling in their stomachs. In their own imagination, almost everyone projects their subjective desires onto the unknown person they are about to meet. Expectations are high. Last but not least, the tension is increased when nervousness gains the upper hand and worries about possible faux pas are added.

Tips for the first meeting

A lot can go wrong on a blind date. A little planning in advance does no harm. The question that occupies everyone at first is: Where do we meet? We always recommend neutral places where you can have a good conversation. The discotheque or the cinema are therefore cancelled. Better are ice cream parlors, cocktail bars or a walk in the park. If the hobby of the stranger is an open secret, the meeting point can also be chosen accordingly. For example in the museum, on the roller skating rink or in the nearest zoo. The weather also plays a crucial role and should by no means be left out when planning. Flirt experts advise against blind dates in your favorite pub where friends and acquaintances run into each other. Even your own home is taboo.

Other popular blind date spots:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • bars
  • parks and forests
  • Lakes where you can rent boats

More tips for singles

Every single nightmare is a blind date where the conversation just doesn’t get going. A good balance of questions and information about yourself, without giving away too much, usually leads to success.

Authentic dates are still best. Clothing in which one feels comfortable and does not appear disguised supports one’s own well-being. If you also approach the meeting with real expectations and a little composure, you will be less disappointed in case of doubt. Also: Politeness, spontaneity and good manners have never hurt a blind date. Even emancipated women classify men’s settlement of the bill as “gentleman like”.


When the chemistry isn’t right

Many singles know after just a few seconds or minutes that the other person does not meet the requirements of a partner. Sometimes there is no sympathy. Fake calls from friends or alleged emergencies are better left in the drawer. It is more appropriate and far more polite to speak the truth. “Thanks for the nice meeting, but I’m afraid we have too different interests…” If the other person is sympathetic but not “suitable” as a partner, you can at least make the meeting a nice evening.

Don’t neglect safety while flirting

The anonymity of the World Wide Web has already tempted some singles to go looking for a partner with false data. First dates are not always as sincere as most people imagine. Therefore, the meeting on neutral ground makes perfect sense. Driving in the stranger’s car or the first contact at his home also automatically entails risks. Even if the risk potential should not be overestimated: a little caution is always advisable! Don’t reveal too much on the first date, and above all don’t reveal too much personal or important information! First of all, trust each other on the upcoming dates.
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