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Puberty in girls – how girls become women

Puberty in girls - how girls become women

Tips for parents with pubescent daughters

Bitch alarm in the children’s room! The otherwise well-balanced daughter is grumpy, everything annoys her and otherwise she doesn’t really know what she actually wants. Welcome to puberty!
From around the age of 10, a phase begins that is characterized by changes in the body, coupled with moodiness and a “leave-me-everyone-in-peace” mood. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl – both sexes have to go through puberty, only girls get there a little earlier than boys.

Puberty in Girls – Signs & Physical Symptoms

Important physical symptoms of puberty in girls are, for example, the growth of the breasts, hairiness in the armpits and pubic area and the rounding of the hips. The internal sex organs are developing and everything is geared towards becoming sexually mature. The first menstrual bleeding begins and with it the very clear feeling that nothing is as it was. Even today, many girls still don’t know exactly what’s going on in their bodies. And so they are shocked when they get their period for the first time and cannot deal with it at all. They may then feel ashamed of their body and the changes that puberty brings with it. As a parent, however, you can do a lot to ensure that your child is well-informed during this phase of life. Even if it is not always easy to communicate with a bitchy teenager – stay open to talk and always have an open ear for your daughter’s worries and needs. The important issues are now Menstrual Hygiene and the Education of Girls .


Many psychological changes in girls during puberty do not make life any easier!

It’s not just physically that a girl turns into a young woman during puberty. Changes also happen on the spiritual level. Your daughter will now be more interested in the opposite sex and her interest in tenderness will increase. She wants to please the boys – and yet she is dissatisfied with herself and the world. Maybe you are annoyed by the sprouting pimples, which can be seen especially on the face thanks to hormonal changes. Or she is unsure what clothes to wear. Also the question: “Do you actually need a bra?” comes on when the breasts grow. Questions over questions and everything is so new. No wonder your child is so imbalanced now!

With the onset of the first menstrual period, a girl can become pregnant. Now is the perfect time to talk to your daughter about the possibility of pregnancy and the different methods of birth control . Feelings like love, trust and jealousy can also be discussed now. The girls are also busy with their first visit to the gynecologist . How will that be? Does the exam hurt? can i get the pill In special girls’ consultation hours, pubescents feel that they are in good hands and can get rid of all their questions here. A good mother-daughter relationship is important and helpful during this time .


Changes in body and psyche – show understanding!

As a parent, you will often not recognize your child during puberty. This bitchy teenager is supposed to be our kid? Why is she taunting us like that – we haven’t done anything to her!
Why does she freak out at every little thing? Yes, not only teenagers have a hard time, puberty is also a big challenge for us as parents. The exchange with other parents and information about the changes in puberty can help us to see more clearly in this phase and thus better with our to deal with children.

Understanding and empathizing with the behavior of the pubescent daughter is important! Nevertheless, a young girl needs clear boundaries at this time, which point her in the right direction and thus provide orientation. Girls in particular are prone to anorexia during puberty .

How long does puberty last in girls?

Usually around five to six years! Around the age of 18, puberty is over and the girl has now become a young woman. The difficult phase of the last few years will then be over and the relationship between you and your child will be more harmonious again.


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