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puberty in boys

puberty in boys

From boy to man

Slamming doors, snippy replies and strange attitudes – puberty in boys is a difficult time for both adolescents and parents. During puberty, sexual maturity occurs and the boy gradually turns into a male.
Boys in puberty can be quite exhausting for parents! Boys usually go through this phase between the ages of 12 and 20 and are therefore a little later than girls, who usually feel the first signs of puberty at around 10 or 11 years of age. Since the development of each person is different, the timing of the physical changes is also different. Some children are more “early starters” and others hit puberty a little later than their peers.
Of course, we also have some tips for educating boys

Puberty in boys – It’s all a matter of hormones

Hormonal changes during this time very often cause mood swings in your child. The increased release of the hormone testosterone also causes the growth of the sex organs and the production of sperm in the testicles. The first ejaculation is not long in coming and many a boy is simply surprised by it in his sleep. Body hair begins to develop, timidly at first and then progressively more. The first pubic hair is growing, the armpit hair is showing and the first fluff is appearing on the upper lip – the harbinger of proper beard growth. But not only the first beard hairs sprout, but also the pimples to the chagrin of all boys. With proper care and a healthy diet you can get these unsightly skin imperfections under control quite well. In addition to these changes, the boy’s entire stature also changes. Overall, he no longer appears childish, but more masculine, which is particularly evident in the broadening of the shoulders and the change in facial features. Many a boy also notices a change in his chest. There may be a slight swelling of the mammary glands, which is completely normal and disappears again during puberty. Towards the end of puberty, the voice breaks, which is caused by an enlargement of the larynx. During this time, the young person sometimes does not have complete control of his voice and has problems always hitting the right notes.


Puberty – Talk to your son about it!

All of these changes can be scary if a boy isn’t prepared for them. It is therefore very important that you prepare your son for puberty and talk to him about how his body will change during this time. The specialist trade offers good books about puberty in boys, so that your offspring can also find information here. Of course, your son will also talk to his classmates and friends – but none of this replaces the personal relationship with your child. But don’t expect too much: your child may also withdraw from you during puberty and react with moodiness. Take it easy and just be willing to talk. It may seem to some parents that puberty is a phase of defiance, similar to what they have experienced in young children. In fact, there is a certain similarity here: your son is now distancing himself from you and forming his own opinions on many things. As unpleasant as this may be at times – it is very crucial for his further development. And to console you, let me tell you: puberty doesn’t last forever either. By the age of 20 at the latest it is complete.


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