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Proof of Love – How small things make a big impact

Proof of Love - How small things make a big impact

Prove your love for your partner

Sparks fly at the beginning of a relationship. Everything is new and exciting. Proofs of love do not require much effort, they are simply said several times a day out of happiness and contentment. But as everyone knows, routine gradually sets in in a relationship. HE knows how SHE folds the laundry, SHE knows how much butter HE needs for a roll and HE knows exactly HER little quirks, for example that she always orders the dressing for the salad separately. On the one hand, this routine has an incredibly calming and comforting effect. However, the fact that it becomes a matter of course that can become dangerous for a relationship is another. From time to time a token of love shows the partner: you are important to me, I don’t take you for granted and I still love you.

The anniversary

Small surprises keep the relationship a little fresher and prevent the partnership from sagging or even wilting, like a flower without water. Many couples have created their own little tradition of celebrating a specific anniversary, such as the day of the first kiss or the day you met, with a special event or gift – not to mention wedding anniversaries and commercialized Valentine’s Day. The trick, however, is to make your partner happy with small tokens of love from time to time, regardless of a specific date.


small gestures

There is no need for big and expensive gifts. It’s the gesture that counts. Because love is a feeling of affection and a token of love is just one way to make this visible. Surprisingly pick your partner up from work, cook him his favorite meal or leave him short messages in places he or she will definitely find – on the mirror, the coffee cup or in the diary. Sure, a texting now and then is thoughtful, but when was the last time you wrote a letter to your longtime love? Put a chocolate on the pillow or prepare your partner a nice candlelit bath with a good glass of wine. Renunciation is a bigger proof of love than you think. A man could skip that important soccer game on TV and instead take time for a foot massage for his partner. Who knows where the evening will lead. Or a woman skips her beloved “girls’ evening” in favor of her husband. “Proofs of love” do not have to be expensive, they are small signs of love in everyday life. Look for your own ideas or sift through the countless suggestions that the Internet offers.

More love token ideas for him and her:

Do tokens of love make sense for women and men?

Love tokens strengthen a relationship. Everyone likes the feeling of being loved. And most of the time, the important message also reaches the partner and strengthens the bond between the two. But watch out: tokens of love for women and men can sometimes backfire and damage the relationship. And that is if they are not perceived as a token of love, but as brackets and constrictions. Therefore, the “attentions and surprises” should not become routine and occur too often, because only then are they credible. In addition, the partner may see them as inappropriate, possibly overpriced or tacky. In the worst case, the partner feels pressured to have to prove their love in a special way. So you better pay attention

Therefore, do not expect anything in return for your token of love. It should simply come away voluntarily and from the heart. Keep the element of surprise on your side. Also, don’t be disappointed if your partner doesn’t respond the way you would expect them to. Men in particular often find it difficult to express their feelings. Allegations are misplaced. It’s better to find out what would make him or her happy or what ultimately bothered you about the proof of love. A proof of love is not always decoded as such. So don’t put pressure on your partner. Not everyone is capable of writing a poem or baking a cake. But maybe your partner will bring you hot tea without being asked if you are lying on the couch freezing. Sometimes you have to look closely to see proof of love. And every now and then a simple “take your arm” is enough to say: I love you and you are so important to me!


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