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Nymphomaniac – when?

Nymphomaniac - when?

Nymphomaniac or not? – When are men and women sex addicts?

“Nymphomania”, the other word for sex addiction, has an all-female character. Actually unfair, because many more men than women suffer from this insatiable addiction to sex. There is another, far less well-known term for the man’s obsessive pursuit of the frequent scuffle in the bed sheets – or wherever it pleases -: “Don Juan complex” or “satyriasis”. But when does one speak of nymphomania?

The difference between a sex addict and “normal”

Nymphomaniac women constantly seek sexual gratification, but rarely obtain it. The search for the partner who gives them fulfillment in bed determines their life. A nymphomaniac is usually not able to experience orgasms. Nymphomaniac women often do not even develop an inner bond with their partners. If the lover does not fulfill the hoped-for erotic expectations, the connection is broken off and a new one is soon established. On the other hand, women who only take the initiative more actively when looking for a partner, who value a wide range of sexual experiences, but who do achieve orgasm and are therefore capable of sexual satisfaction, often live with the reputation of being a nymphomaniac or even become “sluts”. scolded, but are definitely not obsessed with sex, but completely healthy from a medical point of view. However, experience has shown that male womanizers are not even suspected of being sex addicts, are accepted with a pat on the back or even admired by their buddies.

Nymphomaniac – cause is psychological

According to experts, the massively increased sex drive has no specific cause. Several psychological and psychological factors have an influence here. The social environment, predisposition, but above all negative childhood experiences such as abuse , low self-esteem or disturbed emotional relationships could have led to the gradually developing sex addiction. The addictive behavior increases slowly and can have a detrimental effect on the health and personality of the person affected over a long period of time. Quite apart from the increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted or other infectious diseases. It was not uncommon for sex addicts to isolate themselves from their environment despite frequent sexual contact.


Can sex addiction in women and men be cured?

While in the 19th century women who masturbated or had sex outside of marriage were already labeled nymphomaniacs and treated with ice packs or leeches placed on their genitals or, in the worst case, their clitoris or ovaries were operated on, the view that sex addiction could have organic causes has been abandoned today. Long-term psychotherapy is seen as the only effective help against the morbid and compulsive urge for sexual satisfaction. Among other things, childhood, puberty and sexual history are processed. Any experiences of abuse are carefully discussed and an attempt is made to build up self-esteem and break down complexes. The sex-obsessed learn to accept themselves and thus also their fellow human beings.

Conclusion – When are you addicted to sex? Nymphomania in women and men
The diagnosis “nymphomaniac” or “sex addict” does not depend on the frequency of love adventures, but on whether one feels satisfaction or remains a constant seeker.
Ask your doctor for advice on this topic! 


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