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Noise pollution from music from the neighbors

Noise pollution from music from the neighbors

noise pollution from music

Music is beautiful in itself. It transports emotions, gives us relaxation or lets us drift off into other worlds. Everyone has their musical preferences: some like listening to classical pieces, while others prefer heavy metal or hard rock. The little ones love children’s songs and grandparents can’t get enough of their folk music. And still others it is not enough to simply insert a CD: they make music themselves and continuously practice new pieces. As beautiful as music is, if the volume exceeds a certain level, the neighbors can feel massively disturbed.

Music noise from radio, CD player & Co

The grandmother next door is indulging in folk music fever again and has turned her radio up loud. There is singing about the blue sky, beautiful mountains and clear lakes and the cheeky girls and boys with their accordions do everything to present the listener with an ideal world. Dandelion perfect world! This is out of the question if the neighbors can no longer concentrate on their work or are disturbed in their midday rest. But it’s not just the older generation who can scratch their neighbors’ nerves with music. Especially teenagers and young adults like to turn their empire into a music hell. The beats are pounding and the singers’ voices are pounding through the walls. All of us are probably familiar with such noise pollution…

music at parties

But there is another increase: when parties are held in the apartment building or in the housing estate, the volume of the stereo system is often turned up as the alcohol level increases. Dancing, celebrating, having fun – unfortunately, the neighbors are rarely considered. These feel distinctly through the party noise disturbed and since parties usually go on well after midnight, restorative sleep is no longer an option. Babies and small children in particular cannot find peace with such background noise and the parents have a hard time calming down the offspring again. Anyone who thinks of their neighbors in advance and puts up a note with the date, time and a reference to the party has usually already won a lot. If the other tenants know in advance that it could get louder, you can prepare yourself and, for example, give the baby to the grandparents for the night.

Noise pollution from house music

House music is another form of musical noise source. The son practices diligently on his drums, the daughter plays the electric guitar and the father has fulfilled his long-awaited dream and at the age of 40 finally bought a saxophone. Playing an instrument is fun and promotes concentration, endurance and creativity. But in order to really master it, regular practice is of course essential. Many a neighbor may be delighted when he hears a gentle piano sonata from next door. But for many, for example, the beginnings of playing the violin are anything but music to the ears… Loud instruments such as electric guitars or drums are also often found to be very annoying. But what can be done against the noise pollution caused by house music ?


Music noise by professional musicians

Anyone who has a professional musician as a neighbor can sing a song about the background noise that occurs as a result. Music noise from hours of practice is then the order of the day, because after all the musicians have to be optimally prepared for their job. Much to the chagrin of the neighbors, who are involuntarily confronted with the musical instrument to be practiced. But not only the noises from instruments can get on your nerves. If a singer lives next door, he also has to do his regular exercises to train his voice.

Find the conversation

As with all other neighborhood disputes, in the case of noise pollution from music, an open discussion should be sought first. The sound makes the music – that is especially true here. Even the loud neighbor does not want to be shouted at or confronted with threatening gestures at the door. Instead, present your concerns in a friendly, but clear and distinct manner. If you don’t want to sort out the problem in person, why not invite the amateur musician or folk music lover to a cup of coffee in your own four walls. It is often easier to come to a reasonable solution in this relaxed manner. Don’t categorically reject your neighbor’s music right away, but try to find compromises. The law clearly regulates the rest times during the lunch break and at night – during this time, even a professional musician is not allowed to practice on his instrument and the party of the young people next door must then be quieter. In addition, individual solutions can often be found between the tenants. Maybe the neighbor can practice his instrument in another room or he doesn’t schedule his “training sessions” when the shift worker sleeps during the day. As is well known, sound reproduction devices have a volume control and the nice grandma next door hears so hard that she can no longer understand a radio set to room volume, so the use of headphones could possibly be recommended to her.

Music noise from the neighbor – police – yes or no?

Of course, nobody can forbid you to call the police if you feel disturbed by the neighbor’s music during quiet times. But before you decide to take this step, you should always try to talk to the people concerned first. Of course, it also plays a role whether the disturbance of the peace is a one-off event or whether, for example, the music is turned up so loud every weekend that nobody can sleep. If the police get involved, the relationship with the neighbors can drastically deteriorate and it cannot be ruled out that the next time they turn up the stereo louder out of spite.

“Music is often not found beautiful because it is always associated with noise.” This is how the German poet Wilhelm Busch once said. Many neighbors will see it the same way, but with a little willingness to compromise on both sides, this problem can also be solved.
[If you have any questions about neighborhood disputes, please contact a lawyer. We only give general information here!]


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