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Morning grouch

Morning grouch

Morning grumps tick differently

Whether you belong to the group of morning grouches and late risers or the cheerful early risers is usually simply in the genes and is given to us by nature. The internal clock simply runs slower in a morning grouch. There are people who actually manage to escape from bed after the first alarm clock rings. A nightmare par excellence for morning grouches. Because it’s very different with them. The alarm clock rings, the radio goes on, however: The alarm clock is reset, every additional minute, no matter how short, is used as absolutely precious in bed. They would like to lie down forever. And speaking or being spoken to is just as much of an effort as struggling to get out of bed itself. Can one still be helped, and if so, how?


This is how morning grouches get a better start to the day

An alarm clock with an automatic repeat function will definitely prove to be helpful. Nevertheless, it should only be allowed to perform this function until an appropriate time, so that there is still enough time for morning care and breakfast. As is well known, however, the first ring is already programmed in early enough as a precaution. In any case, quieter sounds are better than aggressive ringing.

To make the enchanted getting up more beautiful, you should simply slowly open the curtains and let the light in. Then you can loll and stretch like a cat and spend a few more comfortable minutes in bed. Splendid! Soft music and/or focusing on positive things can also make the gray morning appear a lot more pleasant.

The partner of a morning grouch should take into account that they simply want to be left alone for the time being and, if possible, not be spoken to at all. However, cuddling is allowed and even good for a good mood. This also gets the circulation going and the stress of “having to get up” is reduced somewhat. If necessary, you can also cuddle with a (willing!) pet or stuffed animal.

Once you have made it to the bathroom, the biggest hurdle has already been overcome. Extensive, early-morning showers also help to “get going” because it gets the circulation going.
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Morning grouches are night people and also more creative

Since the inner clock of a morning grouch ticks completely differently, the entire daily rhythm is also different. It’s really not surprising that they don’t get out of bed in the morning, since they usually don’t sleep before midnight and are only really active and creative in the evening. At a time when early risers are already closing their eyes, night people and, as a result, morning grouches or late risers are only just becoming really productive and active. They use the quiet evening hours for their activities. In fact, nocturnal people are generally said to be far more creative than early risers.

Unfairly, late risers who are active at night often have a bad reputation for being lazy. If you are a little more forgiving, you will find that morning grouches are also very lovable people. And isn’t it better to simply accept the whims of a morning grouch? Realizing that morning grouches simply need a longer time to start the day? Basically, they perform (completely) the same as early risers, just in a completely different rhythm. As the saying goes: “Those who are wrinkled in the morning have the whole day to unfold.”


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