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Moms need breaks too

Moms need breaks too

Moms rarely take a break! But a break without children is important for mothers!

Children are wonderful. They give us affection, love and many unforgettable moments. Mothers are connected to them in a very special way – after all, they housed the offspring in their womb for 9 months and gave birth to this world under the pain of labour. Although fathers are also becoming more involved in raising children, in most families it is the mothers who do the main work as family managers.

Anyone who also has a steady job knows how hard it is to balance work, family and your own needs. But even the “only housewives” can sing a song about how exhausting their everyday life is. Clearly, mothers urgently need breaks, but how can they integrate these short breaks into their 24-hour job? Also Read: Why Parents Need a Break

The body sends unmistakable signals

Waking the children, preparing breakfast, taking the offspring to kindergarten or school and then rushing off to work – for many mothers, the day begins stressfully. The boss demands 150 percent again and overtime is the order of the day. Homework, sibling disputes, a load of ironing and a dishwasher that also needs to be cleaned are all waiting at home. In the midst of everyday madness, mothers often complain of headaches and dizziness, back pain and a feeling of being burned out.

The body signals: Stop, it can’t go on like this! He unequivocally calls for some rest, as no one can run at full speed continuously every day without endangering their health. If these signals are overlooked, it is not uncommon for burnout to occur over time . But many mothers continue despite exhaustion until they can’t do it anymore.

Breaks must be scheduled

If you hope to find some time for yourself at some point during the day, you can wait a long time. Breaks need to be planned just like any other upcoming task. Even short breaks can help to recharge your batteries and become more relaxed. Half an hour of Nordic walking before breakfast or a short walk right after work balances out the often sedentary job and the fresh air is good for body and soul.

Instead of surfing the Internet in the evening, it can make sense to pick up a good book or talk to your girlfriend on the phone. Also regularly performed relaxation exercises , such as yoga or autogenic training, help to go through life more relaxed.


Partners and grandparents can relieve mothers

Without the help of a partner or loving grandparents, it is difficult for mothers to take time off. Especially when the woman wants to have several hours to herself, care for the offspring becomes necessary. The man needs to understand what his partner is doing throughout the day and what an enormous amount of stress she is under.

Most of the time, however, he only realizes it when he is completely responsible for everything on his own. After a full day with children, household and work, every man groans: “Oh my god, I didn’t know how exhausting that is! How do you manage that?”

Well, a woman can only do this if she doesn’t constantly undermine her own needs. Even the help of the partner with the housework (yes, Men can also hang up the laundry and cook the food!) or the support with homework help gives the mother a little more time, which she can claim for herself.

If the children are older, the woman can also think about a wellness weekend or a short vacation with her girlfriend. And very important: mothers have to “report” their needs to their partner. Many men need very clear words about this, otherwise they would never think that their partner is overworked. Mothers have to “register” their needs with their partner.

Many men need very clear words about this, otherwise they would never think that their partner is overworked. Mothers have to “register” their needs with their partner. Many men need very clear words about this, otherwise they would never think that their partner is overworked.

How can I take a break as a mother?

  • Go for a walk without children
  • Meet up with a friend
  • listening to music / reading a book
  • An hour in the bath
  • sauna visit
  • A day at the spa
  • An hour of exercise
  • A massage from your partner
  • Set up a mom zone
  • meditate

Take a break as a mother – can I do that?

Taking breaks is not that easy for many women. The old aspiration to do everything perfectly often haunts our minds. After all, you want to be a good mother! You can’t just leave the kids in the after-school care center for an extra hour to do something good for yourself…or can you?

Dear mothers: most children feel so comfortable with their friends that they do not see it as an impertinence if they have to stay a little longer in kindergarten or after-school care! And a well-balanced mother is much more pleasant to endure than a harried specimen that blows up at every little thing! Nobody has to be perfect – not even mothers.

It is not so important whether the apartment shines with cleanliness and everything is always done immediately. One’s own demands often stand in the way of the need for rest and breaks. This is where you need to start and practice new ways of thinking.

role model for the children

How are our offspring supposed to learn that it’s important to take breaks if we, as mothers, don’t set an example for them? Children adopt many behaviors that they learn from their caregivers. What chance is there in showing the kids that relaxation and regular breaks are absolutely necessary for the health of body and soul? Think about it – maybe with a nice cup of hot tea, all cozy on the couch.


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