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men and their hobbies

men and their hobbies

“Your stupid basement workshop is much more important to you than me” – hobbies fulfill an important function. Those who are busy with their hobby switch off, relax and leave everyday life and worries behind. This is healthy, for the soul and also for the body. Whenever the soul signals “satisfaction”, it can improve its immune system. A hobby is also usually instructive and it provides social contacts, since you can exchange ideas with like-minded people. So far so good. However, the dear hobby can also have its downsides. But they often only reveal themselves when the hobby is practiced in a stable partnership.

Basically, one must first state that both men and women have hobbies. However, they deal with it quite differently. Women tend to see their hobby as a luxury. Therefore, they only practice it when they think that all their duties are done and none of the family members have been neglected. It is obvious that women therefore have comparatively little time for their hobby. In extreme cases they have to shell out an hour or two a week for it. How to solve partnership problems

When men’s hobbies endanger the relationship

It is different with men. When they come home from work in the evening, they automatically feel entitled to turn to their hobby. After all, people need a balance to their strenuous day-to-day work! Ergo, people watch what the TV set has to offer, or do handicrafts and screwing, or read numismatic specialist literature, or, or, or. The list could be continued endlessly. Since men can sometimes pursue their hobby endlessly, it often becomes too much for their wives. After work and hobbies, there is hardly any time left for them. This is tolerated for a while, but then it comes to a head. Because if you feel constantly neglected, you will eventually no longer feel respected and loved. Then the hobby created a crisis. And the passion should pay for that!

Typical men’s hobbies:

  • watch sports (especially soccer)
  • fishing
  • golf
  • Play with the model railway
  • build model cars
  • build model airplanes
  • computer games
  • Cook
  • Read

When the tolerance phase is over, the man’s fervor is made mad. Now a dangerous vicious circle begins. The neglected wife constantly scolds and bitches about the hobby and tries to keep the husband away from it. Pride and defiance come up with him and he certainly doesn’t want to do without them. In this situation, he will even devote himself to his hobby when he really doesn’t feel like it. From now on, both of them will become more and more frustrated, will communicate less and less with each other and eventually just get bored with each other. Whether the partnership or marriage can still be saved depends on the case. But it doesn’t have to get that far.


Hobbies and marriage balanced

As so often in life, it is also helpful when it comes to hobby horses if you make agreements and then generally stick to them. So the couple should sit down and find out together what “hobby schedule” they can both live with. If you have honestly agreed, then a line should be drawn under the topic. He doesn’t overstay, she stops badmouthing the hobby. So both the relationship and the hobby have a chance.

Another option is to find something you both enjoy. This is how you kill two birds with one stone – you can pursue your hobby and spend hours together at the same time. You always have a topic of conversation.

Hobbies for couples:

If your hobby is putting your relationship at risk, here are a few tips on how to save the relationship .


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