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last minute panic

last minute panic

What is last minute panic?

When the phobia of the ticking, biological clock rules the day, everything gets out of joint. Even if the generally staged metaphor is not binding and ultimate – it scares many women.
Regardless of whether you are a single woman or the partner of a man who does not really want to deal with the subject of children – from a certain age, the future is literally dictated to you by biology and at some point the ticking of the clock accompanies everyday life on the right path man to find the right moment to start a family.

For a long time, someone was said to have a last-minute panic when they were worried they wouldn’t “get” one – today the desire for children is paramount, after which “build a house, plant a tree and father a child “.

In recent years, mothers giving birth late have become more common, but a woman cannot have children forever. The reason for this is the fact that women’s fertility decreases as they get older – so at some point the clock stops. Also read: Female Infertility


How do you deal with last minute panic?

Every woman deals differently with the situation, the time pressure. Many women who, at a certain point, have to be extremely quick, hang up a sign that says “Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock. Wanted: Children!” when looking for a new partner. around the neck. No, unfortunately that’s not a joke, there are indeed women who check with the first dialogues whether the potential partner has father qualities.

On the one hand, many men will certainly run away from such openness, but on the other hand, it also separates the wheat from the chaff. Because to be honest: neither woman nor man benefit if you hold back with the “demand” and the unfulfilled desire to have children destroys the relationship. Nevertheless, one should not fall into the house with the door on the first date – because this is also a very sensitive point for the man. However, if the topic comes up on the table, you should play with open cards right from the start, putting your own needs and wishes in the foreground, as it doesn’t really allow for a compromise.

Many men don’t understand the drama, for years they push family planning into the background, only to then take a younger wife because the “old” woman was now too old to have children.

Incidentally, not only childless women “suffer” from last-minute panic. Women who already have children, for example from a first marriage and live in a new partnership, also hear their inner clock ticking, because the desire to have children together can also determine everyday life here.


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