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The great silence in the relationship

The great silence in the relationship

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“Speech is silver, silence is golden”. This old wise saying, the origin of which has not really been clarified to date, may very often be true. But does this statement also apply to relationships – or does the great silence eventually dissolve every interpersonal bond? How to solve relationship problems:

Intensive discussions are a good basis for every relationship

A relationship requires mutual interest and trust. Once both have been set up, the lovers usually talk and discuss everything uninhibitedly. However, problems with each other in the partnership are often better discussed with the best friend than with the dearest. Of course it is sometimes an advantage to get advice from others, but you should not forget to tell your partner about the problems and try to solve them together. Most of the time, the other person is not even aware of the problem.
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Relationship problems – The silence of men

Men in particular are used to staring wordlessly into the fire from the early Stone Age. Some people have not gotten rid of this habit to this day and often use the television as a substitute for fire. Women find this withdrawn for hours a disinterest and often tend to babble their men out of their trance-like state. However, the male sex seems to need this retreat. Of course, talking helps to solve relationship problems! But don’t force your loved one to speak! No man stays dumb like a fish forever, at some point everyone will (hopefully) start talking for themselves again.


The quality of the conversation

Quality comes before quantity. This also applies to the conversations in a partnership. No man can endure hours of discussion. Enjoy a quality 10-minute conversation rather than hours of superficial small talk. Once you know about the general laziness of men to speak – and basically feel understood and accepted in the relationship, you can spend hours together, say nothing and maybe that’s why you can have a nice day together. The art of maintaining a partnership also lies in the art of being silent together.

Without words or the art of listening

But what if nothing is discussed with the partner anymore and there is only great silence? Some couples simply have nothing more to say to each other after a period of living together. They have grown apart, interests have shifted to other goals, the dialogues are now limited to “Good morning!” and “What’s for dinner?” In such a case, the separation is usually not far away. For women, the lack of communication with their partner is the most common reason for separation. Don’t let it get that far in the first place. Show interest in your partner, in his work, his hobbies and listen to him when he has something to say, and above all: let him finish! Often people just talk but don’t listen. The good Lord has two ears for us,

Saying the right word at the right time – or not

However, when silver and when gold is popular, unfortunately, the vernacular does not tell us. This takes a lot of intuition. Better keep quiet before throwing things at your loved one thoughtlessly that you might regret hours later. It often makes much more sense to keep your mouth shut than to actually say everything that could be said. After all, it often doesn’t matter how much is said, but what is said.


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