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Doing sports together in the relationship

Doing sports together in the relationship

Sports for couples

Joint leisure activities are usually advantageous for the partnership relationship. The fact is that many couples have little time for each other in everyday life. The job, club life or the dear offspring take up a large part of the day. Parent couples in particular should not forget that they are not just father and mother and consciously take the time to spend their leisure time together without children. Sporting activities are particularly useful here, since in this case health and fitness benefit in addition to the relationship.

Find the right sport

In the run-up to the event, it should be clarified together what everyone wants to achieve through physical activity. It is not uncommon for interests to diverge here. While she wants to enjoy nature while hiking or jogging, he sees herself sweating in the gym surrounded by dumbbells and weights. Now it’s time to make compromises and try to reconcile the most important criteria. If a person has to cut back too much and only tortures themselves through the workout for the sake of their partner, the thing is counterproductive and doomed to failure.

There are actually sports that are ideal for couples. The uncrowned partner discipline is of course dancing! Floating across the dance floor together as a unit is the dream of many couples. Dancing is fun, provides physical and mental closeness and gets the circulation going. Beginners will find dance schools or dance clubs in every major town that offer courses at different times. Another advantage of this sport is the low cost of equipment. This also applies to hiking, jogging and cycling. Almost everyone has a working bike at home and buying good hiking or running shoes is usually not a problem either. Once you find a common pace, then there are often extensive and interesting conversations during the bike or hiking tour. Even going to the gym with your partner can work if BOTH have fun lifting weights. Many studios also have a sauna and a squash or tennis hall, which are also ideal for partner use.


More sports for couples

  • Geocaching
  • Aqua-Fitness
  • to ski/ to snowboard
  • inline skating
  • swim
  • tandem riding
  • badminton
  • jogging
  • nordic walking
  • climbing
  • Golf
  • mountain biking

Time together is quality time

Exercising together can often bring relationships closer together or even help estranged couples reconnect. In addition, the mutual motivation often works wonders and the agreed training takes place regularly, as one encourages and pulls the other along. During this time, exciting or funny situations often arise, which later make for cheerful topics of conversation. If couples are willing to get involved with their partner and to adapt to the other’s athletic abilities, then training side by side is absolute quality time that is absolutely beneficial for the interpersonal relationship and, on top of that, offers both fun, health and joie de vivre.


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