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Cuddling in winter

Cuddling in winter

New trend: cuddle parties

A famous comedian once said, “Cuddles are like getting in the car and not driving.” What most men see as annoying foreplay is the most beautiful thing in the world for most women.

What do you mean by “cuddling”?

Cuddles are mainly used to reveal affection through touching: someone is lovingly hugged or patted. It’s not just foreplay to sex. Cuddling simply creates a feeling of being loved and appreciated. After all, everyone needs comfort, approval and affection.


Freezing temperatures

In the cold and winter season, the icy temperatures invite you to “stay under the covers”. The world appears gray in gray and you just feel most comfortable with a hot cup of tea and snuggled up with your loved one. Cuddling together serves mental well-being and is, so to speak, “wellness for the soul”.

What are cuddle parties?

Basically, men and women only want to be intimate with people they know well. However, since many people do not have a partner or friend with whom they can experience these special moments, so-called “cuddle parties” have recently started to appear. Such an event took place in New York for the first time. However, this type of gathering quickly spread throughout America and Europe. The guiding principle is to satisfy the longings of people who are not in a relationship but also feel a certain need for physical affection and closeness.

The beginning of these cuddle evenings consists of a welcome round, the explanation of the rules and the answering of any questions. The most important rules state that everything is voluntary and that sex is not allowed. Everyone has the right to say “no”. The warm-up phase continues, which mostly consists of playful exercises. Then the long-awaited cuddling time begins and at the end there is the end to be able to talk to the others about what you have experienced.
The organizers of these parties are not interested in matching people up, but in giving them the feeling of being accepted by another person. In short, cuddling just feels good and shouldn’t be denied to anyone!


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