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age difference in the relationship

age difference in the relationship

Old vs. young – does love work with partners with a large age gap?

In the past they only existed sporadically, but in recent years they have been talked about more and more – relationships with significantly older or younger life partners. A few years ago, the French President was constantly in the headlines with his love who was years younger, and the big age difference of 15 years in the relationship doesn’t seem to play a big role in Demi Moore and her long-term partner Ashton Kutcher either. Enormous age differences are no longer taboo in the celebrity world, while this often causes a stir in the middle class. Nevertheless, women and men are increasingly choosing partners who have a significant age difference. Older dads are like thatand significantly younger mothers at parents’ meetings in kindergartens and schools have long been commonplace.


What appeals to old, what fascinates about young?

What is the appeal of these relationships, are they permanent or mostly short-lived? Does money and a possible sizable inheritance perhaps even play a major role, or are the younger partners in the relationship perhaps just looking for a father or mother substitute? What kind of conflicts can arise in such a constellation, which often seems quite unusual? Often it is the bad experiences that (especially women) have had with partners of about the same age, but also the fact that many young people do not know what they expect or want from life is often a reason to prefer an older partner. Older partners, on the other hand, have a certain degree of maturity and are in the middle of life. Of course, the high level of life experience also has a certain attraction for younger people and they usually feel visibly comfortable in their company. Older people, on the other hand, usually appreciate the young, fresh way and feel like they have been transported back a few years. Older men in particular feel young, energetic and attractive when accompanied by younger women.

To be related to the age difference

The environment of the “newly in love” is certainly problematic at the beginning. Relationships with significantly older or younger life partners always initially cause gossip and gossip. “He could be your father, what do you want with him?” could be typical reactions from the environment. According to studies, an often suspected father or mother complex is rarely the case here.


But not only society can cause troubles, the difference in interests that may arise from age could also cause differences. Younger people often still long for adventure, while older people like to take it easy. This can cause considerable turbulence in leisure activities. Even if many of us cannot imagine a relationship with an older partner, the present shows us that there are many couples in whom the relationship harmonises wonderfully. “Age is just a number and doesn’t count against true love,” report couples in love with a huge age difference. These constellations are often more stable because they are very special connections. Relationships of this kind are rarely dissolved after just a short time. Of course, there are always black sheep who are only after the money of the elderly, but these are probably more isolated cases. There are also (mostly well-known) older gentlemen who like to adorn themselves with young ladies. If a partner has been divorced for the fifth time, this should always make you think whether you can be the right person for this person.

It’s just a pity, however, that one thing shouldn’t go unnoticed: Due to the enormous age difference, you won’t be able to enjoy love for too long, since one partner will say goodbye to life years earlier. As a final sentence, however, it should be said: Nature does not give us any age limits – where love falls, that’s where it stays.


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