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Bryophyllum: Can this plant fulfill the desire to have children?

Bryophyllum: Can this plant fulfill the desire to have children?

An unfulfilled desire to have children is stressful for many couples. This is true even if the doctor does not identify a serious illness in one of the partners as the cause of the unsuccessful efforts. Even for many healthy couples, getting pregnant can be a challenge that lasts for many years.

But as for so many things, nature has a reliable helper. For there is a herbal remedy that offers itself as a gentle solution around the desire to have children and pregnancy: Bryophyllum. This is a tropical plant that is more than just an attractive ornamental plant.

Bryophyllum: Famous for its extraordinary fertility.

Bryophyllum is a plant originally native to Madagascar. Another Latin name for the plant, which belongs to the succulent species, is Kalanchoe pinnata. In the German language, too, there are quite different names for the Bryophyllum thicket.

It is known as germ pump, Goethe plant or brood leaf. The last name is derived from the very high fertility of the plant. It is famous for multiplying at breakneck speed.

Up to one hundred offshoots can form a single parent plant. For a long time Bryophyllum has therefore spread to other tropical countries.

In our climes, the breeding leaf is sought after as a low-maintenance houseplant. Its real fame comes from a completely different characteristic. Bryophyllum is the homeopathic remedy of choice for an unfulfilled desire to have children. Used correctly, they help to get pregnant.

They protect the female body and the expectant child in early pregnancy. In addition, the secondary active ingredients of the plant are said to prevent premature labor and thus also have a positive effect on the health of the pregnant woman.

Highly effective ingredients are the key

Plants have fulfilled important functions in folk medicine for centuries. This has little to do with superstition. Rather, it is the various highly effective ingredients that make a plant a proven remedy. The spiritual father of anthroposophic medicine, Rudolf Steiner, recognized this as early as the 1920s.

He purposefully used the brood leaf in the support of self-healing forces in humans. At that time, the anthroposophist initially relied on the positive effects of the plant substances of ryophyllum bryophyllum on menstrual complaints, such as PMS.

Only a little later, the naturopaths, strongly inspired by Steiner, realized that the tropical bryophyllum could also find its use in the desire to have children and help women to become pregnant.

Bryophyllum contains these active substances

  • Triterpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Steroids
  • Bufadienolides

It is scientifically proven that the herbal substances contained in the brood leaf have the following effect:

  • They calm and relax.
  • They prolong the last half of the cycle, which is important for the desire to have a child.
  • In general, they increase the basal temperature of the woman, which is also
  • highly significant for this.
  • They prevent spotting before the period.
  • They support the ovulation and the implantation of the ovum

By the way, not only homeopathy relies on the ingredients of Bryophyllum. The active substances contained in the plant are also used in conventional medicine. That is why medicines containing these substances are also frequently used after a failed artificial insemination or a miscarriage.

They have a balancing effect on the patient after such drastic experiences, and not only on conditions such as stress, panic and anxiety. Above all, they compensate for functional disorders, such as inflammation in the uterus.


Correct dosage is the secret

The fact that there are herbal remedies such as Bryophyllum available without a prescription does not mean that you should take them without guidance. Before an unfulfilled desire to have children leads you to rely on the effect of herbal remedies such as bryophyllum, you should consult a doctor.

He or she must conduct a comprehensive examination to find out why you have not been able to conceive. Only when it is clear that the unfulfilled desire to have a child is not the result of a disorder or even a serious illness, you can rely on herbal or homeopathic remedies.

Inform yourself additionally about some basic questions of homeopathy. In anthroposophic medicine, for example, there are two different dosages: 30 and 50 percent. Ask a specialist which is the better option for your desire to have a child.

Bryophyllum: rely on these means

One of the most popular remedies comes from the manufacturer WeledaWeleda. It comes in powder form and has a dosage of 50 percent. In addition to the bryophyllum leaves, which are located on the outer edge of the plant, it also contains 500mg of pressed juice of the cotyledon leaves.

Important: Be aware that these remedies often just use different names for the same ingredient. A germ pump press juice may also be called Bryophyllum press juice.

Weleda powder is best taken three times a day. It is used for natural fertility support during childbearing. In pregnancy it prevents premature labor.

Also widely used are the remedies of the manufacturers DHU and Wala. You can take these globules between one to three and maximum up to five times a day.

Overdose is unlikely to occur

With homeopathic medicines, overdose is generally unlikely. To get pregnant, you can take up to 5 globules for a short period of time. However, if you use Weleda Bryophyllum 50% powder in your desire to have a child, one to two pinches three times a day is sufficient.

Are there any side effects?

The remedy hardly occurs in the application with side effects. On the contrary, old school medicine rates the tolerability of all forms of the homeopathic remedy, from powder to ampoule to globules, very high.

Nevertheless, side effects may occur in rare cases. Known are, for example, stimulating effects on the intestine. This sometimes leads to diarrhea in sensitive women.

If your preferred remedy contains the active ingredient bufadienolide, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. This is because it is a subgroup of steroids. Normally, these bufadienolides are found in the glandular secretions of toads.

A few experiences show that a high dosage can lead to cardiac arrhythmia in some rare cases. If you want to be completely sure about your desire to have a child, ask your attending physician as a precaution.

By the way: If you take the drug during the early phase of pregnancy, there is no danger for your future child at any time.


How Bryophyllum supports the body in early pregnancy

When your desire to have a child is finally fulfilled and you are pregnant, you can continue to take Bryophyllum. The plant not only has a positive effect on trying to get pregnant.

The remedy can do even more. Therefore, it is especially recommended for pregnant women who have already had traumatic experiences with miscarriage.

The secret: a substance called progesterone.

This hormone is not actually contained in Bryophyllum. However, the effect of the medicinal plant is similar to that of this hormone, which is important in the desire to have children. Progesterone not only directly affects the woman’s cycle when she wants to become pregnant.

It also influences the course of pregnancy in a positive way. Bryophyllum, for example, relaxes the genital tract. That is why midwives use bryophyllum to inhibit labor.

In addition, Bryophyllum helps pregnant women against inner restlessness and sleep disorders.

If a woman has already suffered a miscarriage, this means a great mental strain in the early phase of a new pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have had this bad experience, you may feel nervous and anxious.

Here Bryophyllum helps you in many ways. On the one hand, it strengthens your uterus so that it can carry the pregnancy to term. On the other hand, it supports your mental state. If you want to use it preventively against a possible miscarriage, it is best to take it every day until the end of the 12th week.

Self-medication does not replace the doctor

But be careful: Bryophyllum is a herbal remedy for mental support and prevention. It does not replace preventive examinations. If you have cramps, bleeding or even labor-like pain, you should see your doctor immediately.

Bryophyllum has many talents

The active ingredients from the bryophyllum leaf are not only used to support the desire to have children and pregnancy. This medicinal plant is also a proven remedy for numerous other complaints.

Studies have demonstrated antibacterial effects. The secondary plant constituents are said to protect the liver and inhibit tumors. Bryophyllum also acts as a blood pressure reducer.

In homeopathy, the active ingredient is used for these symptoms and complaints:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Kidney complaints
  • Respiratory infections
  • Fever and swelling
  • Tooth and earache
  • Second key point
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Poorly healing wounds
  • Skin problems
  • Irritable bladder


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