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9 Tips to get pregnant

9 Tips to get pregnant

9 Tips to get pregnant – Humans are among the least fertile inhabitants of our planet. Pregnancy is a complex combination of many factors and circumstances. If they try to have a child, the chances in any month are about 20%.

If pregnancy does not occur immediately, many women feel that something is wrong. But we want to please them – there is still us and our products that can help them on their way to success. For some couples, conception is relatively easy.

Some couples need a few extra steps to achieve success. In case you do not succeed in getting pregnant after twelve months of trying (if you are older than 35, then after six months), you should seek medical help. Your doctor will surely advise and help you.

In the meantime, however, you should not worry. Problems with conception are more common than you might imagine. About 1 in 10 couples have trouble conceiving a child. A high percentage of couples who choose to go the extra mile are successful. Ways to achieve success are many. Some are simple, others are more complicated. Each of these ways brings you closer to your goal and increases your chances.

But the most important thing is that you take this path together with your partner. If you should encounter a problem, you should try to find a solution by joining forces.

Pregnancy information – 9 tips to get pregnant.

For future mothers, the main thing that is necessary is a healthy lifestyle, without stress and with plenty of exercise. The same applies to men, because the reasons of infertility can be up to 50% due to them (insufficient quality of sperm).

Pregnancy can occur under the following conditions:

  • A high quality mature egg
  • Sufficient number of sperm of high quality, the fallopian tubes reach the egg
  • the sperm must fertilize the egg
  • The fertilized egg must anchor in the uterus and begin to grow

Therefore, we recommend you to eat healthy before the planned pregnancy (suitable are specially developed vitamins, which affect the quality of the woman’s egg, and the quality of the man’s sperm). Taking these vitamins is recommended at least 3 months before the planned pregnancy.

Increase the intake of folinic acid (it is included in vitamins for women before planned pregnancy). You should take this throughout the period of trying to get pregnant and for another 3 months during pregnancy.


9 Tips to get pregnant

Eat enough vegetables and fruits. Eat enough dairy products.

Every woman should eat at least two dairy products a day for calcium intake. Insufficient intake of calcium can lead to osteoporosis.

Adherence to the drinking regime

Adhere to their drinking regime. During pregnancy, demands for fluid intake increase, so do not neglect the drinking regime, even during the preparation phase.

Constipation and pregnancy

Do everything necessary to avoid constipation. This is because constipation would worsen during pregnancy. A clearly regular bowel movement is also achieved by drinking regime, consuming meat fruits, at least 4 pieces of vegetables daily and whole grain pastries.

Exercise – 9 tips for getting pregnant

An agile body with high muscle content endures pregnancy better and returns to its original proportions faster. Some sports (swimming, spinning, Pilates) you can also do in the first two to three months and thus prevent the formation of fat pads and constipation. However, the body must be accustomed to this exercise before pregnancy. Exercise according to the method of L. Mojzisova. You will get important organs moving, which will result in their blood circulation and stimulation. It also stimulates the correct posture and also the correct position of the uterus.

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking can have a negative effect on fertility and sperm. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to abortion, the birth of a dead fetus and premature birth.

Stress management and pregnancy – 9 tips for getting pregnant.

Try to find a way to reduce the stress in your life. Try yoga or swimming, something you will enjoy. Buy them something nice, fix your family relationships and think positively. Laugh a lot, laughter has a great influence on happy mental state. Try to find an environment for entertaining sex, “making love” should not become a duty if you want to get pregnant.

Don’t always think about why you can’t get pregnant. Try autosuggestion, keep repeating that there is no problem with getting pregnant.

Weight and pregnancy

It is important not to be overweight. A healthy weight is an important step in the conception period. High obesity reduces fertility. Pay attention to a balanced diet with a high percentage of cereals, fruits, vegetables and a small amount of meat and fish. Seek advice from a specialist.

Alcohol consumption and pregnancy – 9 tips for getting pregnant

Drinking alcohol is not recommended before and during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol carries the risk of abortions and abnormalities of the fetuses. Alcohol can also have an impact on the quality of healthy sperm, and therefore it is also beneficial for men to reduce or completely prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

Medication and pregnancy

Consult with your family doctor or a specialist about whether the medications you are taking are not having a negative impact on fertility. It is also important to know if the over-the-counter medications you are taking have an effect on fertility or sperm count.

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