Family health: well-being for all!

Physical and mental well-being is indispensable when it comes to a happy family life. Unfortunately, however, illnesses cannot always be avoided. Whether it is your own children or the parents themselves: Anyone who is ill needs sensible and proper treatment. The guidebook explains many different clinical pictures and provides valuable tips on how to proceed. Interested parties will also find extensive articles on the subject of women’s health, with a special focus on the female body.

Focus on children’s health

Many parents are concerned when their children are ill. Their wish is to help the little ones and also the older ones quickly. The guidebook therefore contains detailed descriptions of classic childhood illnesses that need to be treated in a special way. The development of children is not left unmentioned either: in articles about the U examinations, parents learn what the pediatrician wants to know during the regular check-ups. In addition, there are tried-and-tested tips from parents for parents when it comes to unpleasant symptoms such as sore throat, nausea or burning eyes.

When the psyche is sick

Not only the body can suffer. Mental illnesses and disorders also occur in many families. Whether burn-out, bore-out, anxiety or autism, sound advice for parents and children is indispensable. The guidebook explains many psychological problems in more detail and gives advice on how to alleviate symptoms and deal with them properly. Also explained are ways to relax that protect mental health in the often stressful daily family life. And if the psyche stays healthy, the body usually feels good, too.

Better health thanks to prevention

When it comes to health, prevention naturally also plays an important role. Families can find out here how to strengthen the immune system in the long term, what is important during the cold season and what to do to prevent infections within the family. The guide is also dedicated to health while traveling. From the first-aid kit to possible illnesses on vacation and suitable sun protection, all articles provide detailed information.

[Please note: Our articles cannot replace the advice of a doctor. In case of health problems, please always consult a doctor you trust].