Whether baby, toddler, school child or teenager – mothers and fathers are always faced with new challenges from their offspring. On the following pages parents will find helpful advice articles from educators, teachers, educationalists, a family counselor and experienced parents.

Current information and tips

  • School enrollment is now celebrated in many families . We give tips on how to prepare for school and how to organize the enrollment ceremony.
  • Because of the Corona Pandemic and the lockdowns, many children are overweight. Now it’s up to the parents to do something about it. So enough with the sweet children’s food . Just go swimming with the kids more often in the summer ! Splashing around in the water is fun and the kids move around properly.
  • Ticks are not only on the move in spring and summer, but also in autumn – and not only in forests, but also in meadows and gardens. Here you will also find useful information about ticks and what to do if a tick bites you.
  • Use the beautiful days in autumn for a family outing. For example in one of the amusement parks . The whole family can have fun there! If the weather is not so nice, you can make something great together at home.

Advice on children’s topics: A life full of new experiences

Parents know that life only becomes really colorful and turbulent when you have children. If they still need a lot of care in infancy, that changes quickly. Elementary school children are soon sitting at the family table, and only a little later they become teenagers. The rapid development keeps parents on their toes and constantly demands new approaches to important issues. In the children’s guide you will find valuable tips on the most exciting questions.

support children according to their age

It is obvious that the needs of children change over the course of their lives. This is also interesting for parents, because they regularly have to master new challenges and meet their offspring in an age-appropriate way. Many questions then arise about toddlers, kindergarten, school and puberty. The current stage of development of your own child, its special interests and wishes are always the focus of parental education. In addition, families regularly celebrate very special celebrations with their children, such as conformation or communion, which need to be carefully planned. Of course, birthdays, Easter and Christmas are also important family celebrations and the kids are happy to help with the preparation.

Important tips on child health

Illnesses are an integral part of parents’ lives. Especially during kindergarten, one cold seems to chase the next, and special clinical pictures such as 3-day fever, otitis media or a gastrointestinal virus are rarely absent. It’s good for parents if they can find out about helpful resources and the special needs of their child during the illness. Parents are also repeatedly concerned with healthy child nutrition and dental health.
Other topics are for example: lice in children , the U examinations and hyperactivity in children .

protect children:
Mental well-being is also inextricably linked to children’s health. Therefore, the guide also deals with topics such as autism and fears. (For example:  fear of the dark or fear of school .) To ensure that the little ones are always well protected in the living environment, parents will also find valuable information about child safety.

Games, fun and variety – more tips in the parents’ guide

Spending free time with your daughter and son can be a lot of fun. The integration of exercise into family life and important learning tasks such as cycling or swimming promote motor development and physical and mental health. Tips for car rides with the kids, first overnight stays with the grandparents and other activities help parents to make everyday life with children a great experience. Also read: What makes a child-friendly city ?

Current: Children in the Corona Pandemic
Due to the high number of infections, the children often have to take a corona test several times a week. This is annoying and stressful for many. But this is the only way to find sick children at an early age. Ask the school what happens if the test is positive. This differs from state to state.